Kochs, Right-Wingers Set Their Greedy Sights On America’s Federal Land


It is outrageous that the mainstream media (CNN) and other news outlets are referring to the right-wing nut job terrorists in Oregon who have broken into and taken over a federal building at a wildlife refuge as “protestors.”  Excuse me, but aren’t “protestors,” supposed to be in a designated protest area, singing songs, carrying signs, etc?

So what is it all about?  This Media Matters article was written last year, long before the current domestic terrorism situation. Click here to donate to MediaMatters.org.


Bundy and Hannity’s promotion of state ownership of federal lands gives airtime to an issue that conservatives have long been campaigning for but have had difficulty getting voters excited about — an issue in line with the land interests of the Koch brothers. Slate reported that the Fox News corporate, financial, and political interests being served by Hannity’s promotion of Bundy lie in the network’s connection to the Koch brothers:

Bundy’s anti-federal agenda is closely aligned with that of Charles and David Koch, major Republican donors who have been pushing for states to gain control over federal lands – so they can be sold or leased to people like the Koch brothers in deals.

Fox News Network and Sean Hannity have a particular interest in the promotion and realization of such Koch interests because their funding depends on it — Hannity receives major funding and large ad buys from Koch-affiliated Heritage and Tea Party Patriots.

Hannity’s Koch-affiliated funders have a long history of promoting the privatization of public lands and condemning the federal ownership of land. Tea Party groups have supported local efforts to transfer federal lands. Heritage has advocated shrinking the U.S. government’s control by selling its physical assets such as “huge swaths of land (especially out west).” Heritage was also a loyal promoter of the Federal Land Freedom Act of 2013, advocating for the transfer of federal land management to state regulators for energy resource development.

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