Are Iowa Republicans Blum And King Koch Brothers Employees?

AlecThey might as well be. They are apparently working for the Kochs’ agenda, not for Iowans.  Here is a message from the Iowa Democratic Party:

Rod Blum Receives Award from Koch Brothers-Backed Group Pushing to Dismantle Medicare and Social Security

No surprise: Blum Voted to Gut Medicare and Social Security for Iowa Seniors Earlier this Year

DES MOINES – The Dubuque Telegraph Herald reported this weekend that the 60 Plus Association, a Koch Brothers-funded group that advocates for turning Medicare into a voucher program and privatizing Social Security, [profitizing] awarded Rod Blum with the misleadingly titled “Guardian of Seniors Rights Award.”

In response, IDP Press Secretary Josh Levitt issued the following statement:

“Given that Rod Blum voted this year to dismantle Medicare and Social Security, it’s no surprise that he was given an award from the 60 Plus Association – a Koch Brothers-backed organization that shills for the destruction of Medicare and Social Security as we know it. With friends like these, Blum might be packing up his office before the award even makes it on his wall.”

Rod Blum has received a 100% voter score from the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity this year.

Contact: Josh Levitt

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