Sunday Funday: Don’t Feed The Fears Edition

do not feed the fears

You know if you feed the fears they grow large and demand more and more of your time and attention. They grow to the point where they take over your life and consume all your attention. The media will present more and more stuff to fear. Partaking of media pushed fear only makes the fear grow larger and larger until it totally consumes you. Beware and Don’t Feed The Fears!

Were you paying attention last week?

1) This is of course the anniversary of JFK’s assassination in 1963. Who was the governor who was also shot when Kennedy was killed?

2) WADA has called for Russian athletes to be banned from international competition. What is WADA?

3) The mastermind of the Paris bombings was killed last week. Where was this person born?

4) Interstate 94 was shut down by protestors last week over the shooting of a black man in custody by police in what city?

5) Quietly what overwhelmingly Catholic country in Europe legalized same sex marriage Monday?

6) Which two of Iowa’s congress critters voted with the opposition on the vote for the SAFE Act (to slow Syrian refugees) Thursday?

7) Ted Cruz got a big lift when what Iowa politician endorsed him Monday?

8) ISIS chose Paris to attack because they said Paris is the capital of what?

9) Just prior to the Paris attacks last week, what other major world city was attacked by suicide bombers?

10) What well known actor revealed he is HIV positive during a segment of the Today Show last week?

11) Convicted spy Johnathan Pollard was released from prison Friday. One of the most notorious spies in history, what country did Pollard spy on the US for?

12) Bernie Sanders gave a major policy speech on what issue at Georgetown University Thursday?

13) Nearly 250,000 women in Texas have attempted what medical procedure on themselves due to lack of availability of that procedure in Texas?

14) Jerry McKim, whose agency handles LIHEAP applications said that utilities sent out how many disconnect notices in September in Iowa?

15) Was he Piyush-ed out? What lesser Republican presidential candidate ‘suspended’ his campaign last week?

16) Many right wingers this week have compared their push to stop Syrian refugees to the way America treated citizens with what heritage in WWII?

17) Ben Carson compared refugees to what type of dogs?

18) The Oxford Dictionary named what non-word as its “word of the year?”

19) Shades of horrors past. What presidential candidate said muslims may need to carry some special form of ID or be registered in a database?

20) TV and Thanksgiving teamed up in 1953 to create what symbol of Americana when a buyer for Swanson way overbought turkeys for the holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving all. Celebrate safely and with meaning.


1) John Connally of Texas

2) World Anti Doping Agency

3) Belgium

4) Minneapolis

5) Ireland

6) Loebsack voted for the bill (most Repub votes) and Steve King joined Dems in voting against

7) Steve King. Kidding about the big lift

8) “prostitution and vice”

9) Beirut, Lebanon

10) Charlie Sheen

11) Israel

12) democratic socialism

13) abortion

14) 91,000 households

15) Piyush “Bobby” Jindal

16) the Japanese who were put in internment camps

17) rabid dogs

18) the crying with tears of joy emoji

19) Donald Trump. How about a yellow star er.. crescent Mr. Trump {disgusting}

20) The TV dinner

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