Sunday Funday – Pyramids Are For Grain Storage Edition

ancient grain bin?

ancient grain bin?

Who knew that what rest of the world from ancient days to today saw as elaborate burial tombs for Pharaohs were actually ancient grain storage bins. Thousands of people missed that connection until Ben Carson came along to educate the world. Carson is hoping to ride insights like this and other insights (like how giving up your gun is much worse than the body of a young person riddled with bullets) to the presidency next year. To say that Carson sees the world through a different lens than 99.9999% of Americans is an major understatement.

Yet half of the Republican Party is ready to support him even though they (nor he apparently) have no idea what he is talking about. After all he is a doctor and expresses a belief in God and what more do you need to be president these days with Google and Fox News?

Were you paying attention like Dr. Ben?

1) A woman snuck into the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha last Sunday and tried to pet a caged tiger. What was the result?

2) Last Tuesday was election day. In Houston Texas an anti-discrimination ordinance was soundly defeated. It was dubbed the “bathroom ordinance.” Why?

3) On Monday, President Obama made a plea to ‘ban the box’ on federal job applications. What is ‘the box?’

4) “Remember, remember the fifth of November” is an old saying in England. Well the 5th of November just passed. What was remembered?

5) November 7th, 1962 what politician told the press “You won’t have _______ to kick around anymore”? As usual, he lied.

6) This Tuesday, November 10th, what group of American workers is planning a strike in an attempt to get wages raised to $15/hour?

7) What former actor, senator and failed presidential candidate died last week?

8) This man who died last week created the basis used to justify the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Who was he?

9) In an election surprise, Matt Bevin was elected governor of Kentucky promising to end what federal program in Kentucky?

10) An Iowa statehouse committee met Tuesday trying to figure the very confusing change in what set to take place on Jan.1, 2016?

11) Democrats scored a big win in what state’s Supreme Court election sweeping all 3 seats on the ballot?

12) Maybe not the first, but following Tuesday’s election what Iowa city has a completely female city council?

13) The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1917 what happened that is still commemorated to this day?

14) George H.W. Bush caused some waves this week when he said that what two members of the administration did not serve his son well?

15) The World Series stretched into November this year before who won?

16) Montana became the 30th state to adopt what mainstay of the Obamacare program Monday?

17) A recall of the Koch backed school board members in Jefferson county in what state was successful Tuesday?

18) What two major Republican presidential candidates were demoted to the “kiddie table” for the next debate?

19) New Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet was announce last week. It was unique simply because it was composed of what?

20) The hometown of the Mormon Church – Salt Lake City, Utah – appears to have elected a mayor who has what traits that Mormons have trouble with?

The next election is only a year away – act accordingly


1) The tiger bit her hand causing a severe injury

2) Fear of “men in women’s public bathrooms” caused the defeat of anti-discrimination for transgender people.

3) A box to check if a person has a criminal record.

4) Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up Parliament in the 1600s

5) Nixon. Sadly he came back for more kicking a few years later.

6) fast food restaurant workers. Support them by avoiding such restaurants Tuesday.

7) Fred Thompson

8) Ahmed Chalabi

9) Medicaid expansion known as Kynect in Kentucky

10) the privatization of Iowa’s Medicaid program. Iowa has 565,000 people on medicaid.

11) Pennsylvania

12) West Liberty

13) The Armistice ending WWI was signed.

14) VP Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. (most of us could suggest dozens more)

15) Kansas City Royals

16) Medicaid expansion

17) Colorado

18) Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee

19) equal representation from each gender – 15 men, 15 women

20) Jackie Biskupsi is a lesbian – female and gay that is.

Note to Ben Carson – Knowledge takes time, ignorance is instantaneous

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