Dems Must Vote Down-Ballot To Flip States In 2016


Tuesday’s election delivered some big wins for DFA-endorsed progressive candidates — and dealt a powerful blow to the NRA.

The good news: On Tuesday in Virginia, DFA-endorsed Jeremy McPike defeated the NRA in the biggest State Senate race of this cycle. Longtime DFA hero Jennifer Boysko won a stunning upset in the House of Delegates, joining DFA-endorsed winners John Bell and Kathleen Murphy. In a huge win against GOP gerrymandering, DFA’s endorsed candidates swept the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and DFA members also contributed to big wins on clean elections in Maine and in city elections from Seattle and San Francisco to Philadelphia and Tucson.

The 2016 election just got under way, and we have a lot of work ahead. Compared to yesterday’s state and local elections, we know that Democrats are going to vote in big numbers in 2016, with control of the White House on the line.

2016 is a huge opportunity. If we can get Democrats to vote down-ballot in their state and local elections, we can flip more states from purple to blue and start rebuilding progressive power from coast to coast. But we need your help to win.

On Election Day in November 2016, the stakes will be significantly greater. That’s why DFA needs your help not just today — but for the next 12 months. Will you help us build on these victories and ramp up DFA’s 50 State Strategy for 2016 by making a monthly donation of $3 or more now?

As I wrote to you a few weeks ago in reaction to the Matthew Yglesias article on Vox about “Democrats being in denial,” the 2016 election won’t just be about who wins the White House. It will also decide if Democrats take back the all-important state governments that Republicans now control — 70 percent of state legislatures, more than 60 percent of governors — which has a profound impact on the lives of millions of Americans.

Since 2010, Republicans have used their power in the states to undermine progressive causes. They’ve blocked Medicaid expansion because they hate Obamacare, sided with the NRA to block sensible gun violence laws, declared a war on women and Planned Parenthood — just to name a few of the worst things they’ve done.

And, as Republicans take control of state legislatures, they are gerrymandering Congressional districts — a significant reason why the GOP and new Speaker Paul Ryan are now running the House of Representatives.

The lesson is clear: To win 12 months from now, every day from this moment to November 8, 2016, counts.

That’s why DFA — carrying out our commitment to the 50 State Strategy — is partnering with allies in cities and states to recruit strong progressive candidates to run for state legislature and city councils. In 2016, we’re planning trainings and mobilizing grassroots leaders to build winning campaigns. Our goal: Train 25,000 leaders by November 2016.

The NRA, the Koch brothers, and other right-wing extremists are pouring millions into state legislative races. We just proved that people power can beat them. To sustain our 50 State Strategy over the next 12 months, please chip in $3 or more each month between now and November 2016.

Thank you for investing in this important work. We can’t do it without you.

– Howard

Gov. Howard Dean, Founder
Democracy for America

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