What IS Chuck G. Up To? Obstructin’!

May as well be in Iowa cutting grass

May as well be in Iowa cutting grass

Can it only be a year until we can finally say goodbye to Chuck? Once an actual senator, Chuck Grassley has turned into little more than a teabag tool as he uses his seniority and influence to stop anything and everything that would keep your government and mine functioning. Since Obama became president, it has been pretty apparent that Chuck sees his mission as an obstructor of the first order.

In short, Chuck allows little if anything to happen in his capacity as Senate Judiciary chair. Since the Senate Judiciary Committee is really important, Chuck can gum things up pretty damned good. Currently, Chuck is in a snit because he didn’t get in on the early Hillary Clinton email action. Chuck thinks the State Department isn’t giving him enough respect, so no more diplomats for them.

“I will object because the Department of State has failed to fully respond to almost a dozen outstanding letters dating back to 2013,” Grassley said. “In addition, on August 20, 2015, my staff met with Department officials in an effort to prioritize material for production. The Department has failed to comply with its commitments.”

Grassley has sent multiple request[s] to administration officials, including the State Department, over issues ranging from human trafficking to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails. The Iowa Republican noted that his objections were partly tied to Congress’s probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server. […]

With Wednesday’s hold, Grassley is now blocking 22 State Department nominees. He added the decision to block on Egan’s nomination “is not intended to question the credentials of Mr. Egan in any way.”

This follows on the heels of his one man mission to stop all appointments to the federal judiciary. Chuck decided on his own it seems that there will be no more judges approved by his committee while Obama is president. Wouldn’t want that. He’ll no doubt wait for President Trump or President Carson to make any moves. Let’s see how bad it is. According to Matt Sinovic of “Why Courts Matter Iowa”:

“Senator Grassley is on pace to be the most obstructionist Judiciary Committee chair since 1953,” Sinovic says.

Grassley took over as Judiciary Committee chairman in January. The committee conducts hearings and votes on the people the president nominates to serve as federal judges. A handful of nominees have made it through that process so far this year.

“There are 67 vacancies across the country, including 31 that have been declared judicial emergencies and what that means is that these vacancies have been languishing so long that Americans are waiting for their day in court,” Sinovic says. “According to the Alliance for Justice, the total number of days for those 67 vacancies that have been open is for 28,533 days.”

When people say the government doesn’t do a damned thing, then that is our Chuck they are talking about.

He has taken time to vote to close Planned Parenthood however, showing that there is a pulse. No doubt as long as Chuck can he will work to put women in their place.
Stopping government at the bargain rate of only $175,000 a year. Can I get a refund?

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