Sunday Funday: Sad Day In America Edition

Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce on the Lawrence O’Donnell Show Thursday night:

“We only allow ourselves two political parties in this country and one of our political parties is completely insane. It’s the party that when we have mine disasters blocks mine regulation. It’s the party that when we want to fix our roads we can’t have an infrastructure bill and you can’t raise gas tax. It’s the party that when we have floods like New Jersey, mark Chris Christie lousy because he accepted help from the federal government. And we have the same party which now has between three and six hundred candidates running for president none of whom will do anything about the mass shootings in America. So I mean, I am politicizing the hell out of this thing and I don’t care.”!#full-episodes from 37:00 to 38:00 minutes

Couldn’t agree more.

Were you paying attention?

1) What Republican presidential candidate revealed their tax plan Monday that included a big slice for themselves?

2) Well we are finally in a month that has a Democratic debate. What day will this be held?

3) Can it be nearly a century? October 1, 1908 what rolled off the assembly lines of Detroit for the first time?

4) In a real surprise what oil company abandoned oil exploration in the Arctic Monday?

5) Pres. Obama met with world leaders Pope Francis and Xi Jinping last week. Who did he meet with at the beginning of this week?

6) Republican congressmen were embarrassed by what president of Planned Parenthood during hearings last week?

7) Kevin McCarthy volunteered on national TV that the Benghazi hearings were actually held just to take down what Democratic politician?

8) Tomorrow is the First Monday in October. What significance does this have for our government?

9) Iowa Republican big wigs led by Bruce Rastetter endorsed the nearly dead candidacy of what Republican presidential hopeful?

10) Government job numbers for September were what?

11) Following the Planned Parenthood hearings in the House Tuesday, a clinic was set on fire in what major US city?

12) It was reported this week that Pope Francis met with what now notorious low level Kentucky politician last week?

13) An Arizona family called police after their dog’s house was crushed by what that fell from the sky?

14) Rush Limbaugh called this discovery a “a technique to advance the leftist agenda.” What out of this world discovery was he talking about?

15) Money and politics. What presidential candidate became the first to surpass 1 million donations?

16) How many school shootings have occurred in the US in calendar 2015 so far?

17) What group called for the resignation of Board of Regents President Bruce Rastetter last week?

18) A former police officer and lawyer was arrested in Waverly for selling what to undercover law enforcement agents last week?

19) Jeb! Bush once more stepped in it when a question about the Oregon tragedy drew what nonchalant response from him?

20) Mighty late in the season, but what hurricane gave the east coast fits this weekend?

I will try to think happy thoughts of Republicans someday facing up to reality and doing their duty


1) Donald Trump. Presidenting can be profitable

2) October 13th from Las Vegas

3) the Model T

4) Shell – at least for this year

5) Vladimir Putin and Raul Castro

6) Cecile Richards

7) Hillary Clinton (this is highly illegal folks)

8) The new session of the Supreme Court begins

9) Chris Christie

10) 142,000 new jobs. 67 consecutive months of job growth.

11) Thousand Oaks, California (far suburb of LA)

12) Kim Davis

13) twenty eight pounds of marijuana

14) water on Mars. No one understands what Rush was talking about.

15) Bernie Sanders

16) 45

17) The Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty at the University of Iowa

18) fake money (aka counterfeit) that he had made

19) “Stuff happens”

20) Hurricane Joaquin

Enjoy the beautiful weather

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