How To Purge Donald Trump From Your Daily Consciousness

pet rock with sunglasses[Dave Bradley has the weekend off. The Sunday Funday civics quiz will be back next week!]

Think about it.

There is really no reason for the media to be talking about Donald Trump incessantly, for the past however many unbearably torturous weeks it has been since they began doing so.

So he is running for president. So what? There are a dozen or so other GOP candidates for president. So what if DT has a bit of a polling lead?  (The polling lead is just how the media explains to itself and viewers why they are spending so much time talking about the Donald).  It still is absolutely no reason to justify the tsunami of TV blather we are drowning in at this time.

Really, think about it. We’re all entertaining thoughts of Donald Trump in our minds multiple times a day, every day, simply because we come across his name and image in the media probably dozens of times every day, possibly hundreds I bet, if we were counting.

Even we liberals and progressives who completely understand the idiocy of it all, end up posting and commenting and having conversations with friends on Facebook about DT. In my case, I’m doing it right now even though I have been actively resisting it.

The two phenomena that come to mind when I try to think of what it reminds me of are (1) streaking, a trend during the 80’s where suddenly it was a thing to crash an event by running across a stage or a room naked. And (2) pet rocks. I can’t remember what decade this was, maybe the 70’s, but all of a sudden you could buy pet rocks everywhere and everyone did. And then suddenly, both things abruptly ended. And that was that. No purpose, just an idiot thing that humans did for reasons entirely unknown even to themselves.

The mass media controls our unconscious minds. Yes, this is really true. They do it with imagery and fake realities and repetition. The din of the mass media is so loud it drowns out the real reality. Like trying to have a conversation in a noisy bar, you have to shout to be heard and strain to hear someone else who is shouting to be heard and it is so tiring you just give up trying to communicate.

Does this sound like a tin foil hat conspiracy theory? Just ask yourself, do you really want to be having a conversation with your co-worker or your friend about Donald Trump? No, so then why are we all doing it? If you think the mass media doesn’t affect your ability to think straight, I challenge you to try not having a conversation or a thought about the Donald for a single day right now.

We can’t do it. Because images were our original form of thought and communication. And TV is an incredibly powerful image-based medium, now magnified by the internet. It is virtually impossible to banish the imagery from our brains. Advertisers and media and people like DT know this.

What we can do is raise our own awareness of the things that are put into our brains just because it is in the media, that are not in there because we are choosing it to be in there, like for example, reading a book. We need to ask ourselves how much of anything we see and hear in the media is true and make an effort to find out. We need to stop just reading headlines and absorbing media narratives without question.

Increased insight and awareness is the only way to clear our minds of the fog created by the images imposed upon us by the vast wasteland that is the corporate media.

Or turn off the TV.  Or join the fight for media reform.

**Update: Or you can get the brower app that replaces “Donald Trump” with “some rich asshole.” Available on Chrome and Mozilla.  Read some reviews:

You need this if you want to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Sure is nice not having to see whatshisname’s name in my twitter feed.


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  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    ” … (1) streaking, a trend during the 80’s … .”

    Streaking was the mid-to-late Seventies. Trust me. And don’t ask!


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