Harreld New UI Pres And Other Thoughts

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With the announcement of the new U of Iowa president as a person of big business the Board of Regents once more sticks a shaft into the university.

Branstad and Rastetter have done little to hide their disdain for the University over the years. Not sure what to expect will happen, but just guessing based on Branstad’s vendetta on unions and Rastetter’s agreement on that we can expect a real push against the public unions at the school. If Branstad could get a majority of Republicans in the Iowa senate and maintain his majority in the Iowa house, Iowa can be the new Wisconsin.

Like so many I am very disappointed in this hire, but little surprised. I expect this to lead to a diminishing of Iowa’s academic standing in pursuit of making it more business like.

kim davis destroyed
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Clerk Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses
What a great idea! Let every government official decide what he or she can do based on their conscience. For instance, if I were a county clerk and part of my duties included issuing gun permits, I would say Hell No! Pretty much every religion, code of ethics and set of laws actually does name killing as an offense whereas Jesus himself never said anything against homosexuality.

So I would urge other Kim Davises of the country to dig deep into their religious background and stop issuing gun permits because guns are often used as weapons in killing and your religion, I am fairly sure, condemns killing. That should be in line with every one’s religious convictions.

And I have no doubt that right wing politicians at every level will applaud and defend your right to stand against judicial tyranny by not issuing gun permits!

Mara Liasson
Mara Liasson is best known as an NPR reporter. Few seem to remember that she is also an employee of Fox News. My take has always been that she is an employee of Fox mostly because she is an employee of NPR and thus Fox can trade off the good will of NPR. Somehow, Juan Williams got let go by NPR for similar reasons, yet Liasson trundles on as a dual employee.

Liasson garnered attention last week by reporting on NPR last week that if VP Joe Biden were to get in the presidential race, then Hillary Clinton would have some competition. Bernie Sanders backers were really taken aback by this statement and let it be known that their man was providing quite a challenge to Clinton. Liasson ignored Sanders.

This is a strategy that has been employed throughout many recent campaigns – when a corporate news source wants to hurt a candidate they give him or her NO air time good or bad. Liasson was simply doing her Fox business on NPR. What’s that old saying? No one can serve two masters?

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