Sunday Funday: Summer’s Over

could these guys pass the quiz today?

could these guys pass the quiz today?

In case you were sleeping in the warmth of the summer sun, summer ended abruptly last week. Kids went back to school, it got cooler and the corn is turning into that golden autumn color. September must be right around the corner. As always at this time of year, a man’s thoughts turn to college football. After perusing this year’s predictions for Iowa and Iowa State it looks like it may be a good year for Iowa’s football fans to turn their eyes toward Cedar Falls. But optimism burns brightly in the hearts of Iowa’s football fans so bring on those Buckeyes and let us at them!

Were you paying attention?

1) Some folks may have started the week out by jumping out their first story window after the Dow slid over how many points Monday morning?

2) Ten years ago yesterday what major hurricane hit New Orleans?

3) Scott Walker, Republican Presidential candidate, called on Pres. Obama to cancel a meeting with who over the stock market fall?

4) Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush sent out a mailer in which his picture had what odd feature?

5) Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack, endorsed what Democratic presidential candidate?

6) Megyn Kelly returned from vacation and was immediately met with a twitter barrage from what current notable?

7) Tragedy in Virginia where a reporter and cameraman were murdered live on TV by a what?

8) Room for one more? What prominent person keeps inching toward a possible presidential run?

9) Candidate Donald Trump’s threat to deport children of foreigners born on US soil could affect how many children?

10) A municipal judge in what city has ordered that all arrest warrants issued before 2015 be withdrawn?

11) Maybe it was all the presidential candidates that came through? What event announced a new record attendance this year?

12) September 1, 1939 what began?

13) MSNBC took another step back from its liberalism as it announced the end of whose show next week?

14) At an event in Las Vegas last week, President Obama announce that he was ready to “take on” who?

15) What former GOP presidential candidate and televangelist claimed the stock market downturn was due to divine retribution on what organization?

16) “ Get out of my country!” A fan of Donald Trump was videoed saying that to what journalist from Univision after the journalist had an incident with Trump in Dubuque?

17) What baseball analyst has been suspended by ESPN after a series of anti-Muslim tweets?

18) On August 24th, the family of what teenager murdered in Money, Miss. for allegedly whistling at a white woman in 1955 held events on the 60th anniversary of his death?

19) Republicans squealed loudly when Hillary Clinton compared them to what on women’s issues?

20) Defying a court order a county clerk in Kentucky continues to refuse to issue what from her office?

It’s hard to do a post based around politics these days without invoking the name of a certain current Republican candidate. I failed also.


1) 1,000

2) Katrina. If you missed this wake up!

3) the president of China claiming he was the reason for the stock slide

4) his left hand was that of a black man (see below)

5) Hillary Clinton

6) Trump

7) a former colleague and disgruntled employee of the station

8) VP Joe Biden

9) 4.5 million children

10) Ferguson, Mo.

11) The Iowa State Fair. Maybe keeping kids out of school helped also?

12) World War II with the invasion of Poland by Germany

13) Al Sharpton’s

14) the crazies

15) Pat Robertson. Yes, he really ran for president and had a big following

16) Jorge Ramos of Univision

17) Curt Schilling. Schilling’s political leanings have long been known

18) Emmett Till

19) terrorists

20) marriage licenses to gay people

jeb's black hand

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