They Didn't Ask

Days by Don Place

Days by Don Place

They Didn’t Ask
By Don Place

When I returned from Vietnam, family and friends surprised me by not asking or wondering, about my nearly two year absence. These are a few things I wondered about.
How many different places I’d been,or what they were like.

What the people were like, their culture.

What the weather was like, hot,very hot, ?

If my friends had made it?

What the missions were like?

What kind of weapons did I carry?

What battles had I been in?

Why I stopped writing?

Why I didn’t want to come home?

How many times I’d gone hungry? without water?

How many I’d fallen asleep on my feet while walking?

The ambushes, the nights that lasted forever.

The friends that wouldn’t stop bleeding or screaming.

The times our position was given up by wounded friends

Dirt and clay so embedded in your skin you looked tan.

leaches, ant’s snakes, getting bit and screaming by mistake.

How I felt after battles?

Why I lost 60 pounds?

Why I didn’t seem to remember their names.

If I’d been wounded?

About Helicopters.

The enemy burning their dead.

The times they captured and cut up our friends.

How could I say good by to Vietnam?

The trip home!

They did ask, if I’d killed anyone or had good drugs.

PFC Don Place

~ Don Place lives in eastern Iowa. This excerpt and the cover photo are posted with the permission of the author. To order the Kindle version of “Days,” click here. For Nook, click here.

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