Senator Rob Hogg's Vision For Iowa's Future

Senator Rob Hogg on Aug. 11

Sen. Rob Hogg, Aug. 11

CORALVILLE—The Johnson County state Senate delegation —Bob and Sue Dvorsky, Joe Bolkcom, and Kevin and Deb Kinney— hosted their colleague, Senator Rob Hogg at a fund raiser Tuesday afternoon.

Under a tent erected on the manicured lawn of Backpocket Brewing in Iowa River Landing, about 30 local Democrats gathered to hear Hogg’s positive vision for our future.

“Let’s work and get Congress to function to solve problems,” Hogg said.

Hogg is exploring the possibility of challenging incumbent U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley in the general election.

Hogg mentioned key issues Iowans are concerned with in his fifteen minute speech: ending discrimination, raising the minimum wage, addressing infrastructure, youth employment, and creating a vibrant, full-employment economy that works for all Americans. He would address the social safety net, public health including mental health, and his signature issue of implementing proven solutions to address the climate crisis.

“During the next presidential term there will be four justices — Scalia, Ginsburg, Kennedy and Breyer — over the age of 80,” Hogg said. “The question is who do you want making the decision about who’s going to confirm the next justices?”

“We do not want to go backward on the Supreme Court,” he added.

Foreign relations is an important part of serving in the U.S. Senate, Hogg said.

“We need a foreign policy for the U.S. that is strong, and smart, to promote peace and to promote global environmental sustainability out of our own self-interest,” he said. “We need the United States to lead the world on these issues.”

Challenging Grassley will be daunting if Hogg decides to run.

“I believe in making government work,” he said.

“You need to elect candidates who want to make Congress work, who want to make government work,” he said. “We also need a new kind of politics.”

“The easiest way to change the way we do campaigns in this country is to run a campaign in a different manner. To draw upon our country’s best traditions and values to build relationships, build communities, educate and empower people at the grassroots, put forward a positive vision for our future, and to win,” he said. “If we can do that, in that singular act, of climbing the mountain, shocking the world, upsetting a 42-year incumbent, in that singular act we can transform American politics forever and for good and for the better for the citizens of this country and our future.”

People, organization, ideas, and money are what it will take to mount a campaign Hogg said. He invited attendees to join his effort.

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