Sunday Funday – Caturday Edition


Mrowww [cough. cough} – er – I mean HI! My name is Mookie. The guy I share the house with had something else to do this week. So he asked me to do the quiz for him.

I don’t know much about your politics. I do read over his shoulder and listen to the radio with him every day. But I do nap some times. And some times I chase things like that pestery girl cat that lives here. Anybody want her?

I do know that thing on Trump’s head is distantly related to me. I think it is a 35th cousin.

I’ll ask you some questions after a short nap – got to be fresh.

Ok – let’s go!

1) Who said the Iran deal was like marching Jews to the doors of the oven?

2) You Humans do some really bad things. Hiroshima happened 70 years ago Thursday. How many died immediately from the bomb.

3) My distant relative named Cecil was killed in Africa. How much did the guy who killed him pay to the guides who helped him?

4) August 1, 1944 what young diarist made her last entry into her diary? She died about 7 months later.

5) Can’t believe they are still doing this. The senate failed to vote for repeal of what last Sunday?

6) This is kind of funny. A republican candidate disagrees with his daddy. Daddy is a former presidential candidate and thinks the Iran deal is a good deal. Who are these two?

Time for a short nap……………………

Up again ……….. Got to get all the hair back in place …….. ok back at it

7) What famous movie star rabbit celebrated his 75th year in showbiz last week?

8) There were 35 women seated in chairs on the cover of New York magazine last week. What do they have in common?

9) What group said they will now allow leaders to be gay?

10) What Iowa county is shaking things up by exploring raising the minimum wage in that county?

oops… need a snack. OK , back at it

11) Really? Bill Gates gave something away last week? What was it?

12) On this date in 1776 members of the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to sign a document. What document?

13) Holy cow, which Republican presidential candidate is too dumb to know how to order a Philly cheese steak in Philly?

Could use a belly rub about now – or a scritch behind the ears. Oh, well……

14) The Oklahoma Supreme Court said once again that the government must take down what from the state capitol?

15) Now here was a smart human. Nice hair too. Albert Einstein wrote a letter to FDR on this date in 1939 to warn about what?

16) This guy will 54 on Tuesday. Looks like he could live with cats, but instead he got a couple of dogs, Bo and Sunny, for his girls. Who is this guy?

17) What big city mayor said he wouldn’t mortgage that city’s future to get the Olympic games?

Something flying .. must investigate .. may not be back

Back again. Got to preen …. OK, ready to go.

18) Sad to see this. This guy in Decorah died Monday. He put up a camera online to watch what kind of birds?

19) The Arizona Cardinals football team hired someone really unusual Monday. What is so unusual about this hire?

20) Chris Christie told people to do what because when he president he’s going to stop it?

I have more questions, but I don’t have a thumb and it is hard to type. Makes me tired. Maybe a little nap will help……………….

I am back. Already preened – looking good! Here’s the answers:

1) Mike Huckabee – he’s goofy

2) approximately 105,000. Another 100,000 died from radiation later.

3) $55,000

4) Anne Frank

5) Obamacare

6) Rand and Ron Paul. Get along humans!

7) Bugs Bunny

8) They were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby

9) the Boy Scouts

10) Johnson County – maybe some folks could afford a cat?

11) an online upgrade to Windows 10

12) the Declaration of Independence

13) Scott Walker

14) a monument of the ten commandments

15) that an atomic bomb could be developed

16) Barack Obama

17) Marty Walsh of Boston

18) Eagles. I watched those birds all the time.

19) the hire is a woman – the first in the NFL

20) smoke pot. Yep, Christie’s going to stop America smoking pot.

Boy I am tired! I need a nap. Shut the lights off please.

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