Sunday Funday – Solstice Starts?

iowa sunrise

These days when we want to know the times for the rise and setting of the sun, we just consult the old computer and voila! we have a we have a chart that tells us the sunrise and sunset of darn near anyplace on earth.

It wasn’t always that way. Ever think about all those folks in centuries back who were charged with tracking the comings and goings of old sol? Even then they would have the rise and set down to almost the very minute. How did they do that?

This time of year the sun seemed to stand still. That is what solstice means. For the next couple of weeks sunrise and sunset change little as it looks as though the sun is not moving. Things kick back into gear in early July. For a couple weeks enjoy the sun!

Were you paying attention?

1) No better time to leave your job than right after you get re-elected as the head dude. What international sports head announced he would step down Monday?

2) To hear Republicans tell it the economy is in the crapper. How many jobs were added in May according to the BLS?

3) In a similar vein, the USA has had job growth for 63 straight months. How many jobs have been created during those 63 months?

4) Interpol placed six men on their most wanted list this week. All of these men belonged to what suddenly notorious organization?

5) June 5, 1968 the second major assassination of 1968 took place. Who was killed?

6) As the Iowa legislature winds to a close, did they resolve the medical marijuana problem?

7) Following an incident last school year, administrators in what Iowa school district will be equipped with body camera next school year?

8) The US had a list of 4 countries that were “state sponsors of terrorism.” Now there are 3. Who got removed?

9) Two democrats announced they were running for president last week, bringing the announced total to 4. Who announced last week?

10) Talk about insensitive! What republican presidential candidate used Joe Biden as a joke at a fundraiser, just a few days after the death of Biden’s son?

11) A “kickoff event” on Roosevelt Island in New York City is planned by what candidate next Saturday?

12) Almost missed this historic event. June 1, 1967 the greatest rock and roll album ever was released. Name the album, please.

13) Feeling a bit insecure? What safety agency failed miserably in tests conducted to rate their effectiveness?

14) OOPSIE! Maybe the Pentagon needs more money. Pentagon officials announced that live anthrax had been sent accidentally to how many labs?

15) The heads of what clan got some soft ball questions from Fox’s Megyn Kelly in an interview last week?

16) The good news is the Patriot Act expired. The bad news is that it was replaced by what Orwellian sounding bill?

17) Speaking of jobs, how many total did the George W. Bush Administration account for in 8 years?

18) Reading, writing and revolvers. What state passed a law allowing concealed carry on college campuses?

19) Rick Santorum told Pope Francis to “leave science to the scientists.” What made this such an ironic comment?

20) Ruffling some Republican feathers this week, Hillary Clinton called for “automatic and universal” what?

Stupidest statement of the week (maybe we should start an award?) goes to Ted Cruz. This guy was cum laude from Princeton? Old Ted says that if JFK were alive today he would be a Republican. Really, he said that. Really he did. I guess it was based on tax cuts that JFK sponsored that gutted loopholes and actually increased taxes. Really, Teddy?


1) Sepp Blatter of FIFA

2) 280,000

3) 12.6 million (btw Clinton added 30 million)


5) RFK

6) nope – they ignored it so far.

7) Burlington

8) Cuba

9) Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chaffee

10) Ted Cruz

11) Hillary Clinton

12) Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

13) the TSA missed 95% of planted objects

14) 52 labs in 18 states + D.C., Australia, Canada and South Korea

15) the Duggars – Jim Bob and Michelle

16) the Freedom Act.

17) -462,000

18) Texas. Of course it would be Texas

19) Pope Francis has a master’s degree in Chemistry. He is a scientist

20) voter registration

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