Sunday Funday – Indy 500 Edition

rushing home to do the quiz

rushing home to do the quiz

The Indy 500 may be the ultimate analogy for America these days. A bunch of guys driving round and round in a circle getting no place to see who can do it the fastest. All while a quarter of a million fans watch enraptured. Somewhat like a day in Washington, DC.

Were you paying attention last week? Lots of stuff happened.

1) Once again President Obama hit a nerve with an executive order this week. Obama issued an EO regulating what surplus items?

2) There are now 20 countries in the world that have legalized gay marriage. What is the most recent one?

3) She would like this all behind her as quickly as possible. Who is leading the call to have her emails released?

4) California has had what new disaster to deal with this past week?

5) Waco, Texas was the site of a major riot last weekend. Who were the participants?

6) Takata is a behind the scenes supplier of auto parts that we seldom hear of. They have been much in the news lately, however. Why?

7) Iowa is joining all 50 states in a lawsuit against phony charities that have been scamming donors in what particular area of charity?

8) Loretta Lynch starts big. On Wednesday, 5 of the world’s largest banks were fined for crimes concerning what financial chicanery?

9) What young Cuban man, who was briefly in the United Staes 16 years ago, has expressed interest in returning for a visit?

10) What city voted to raise the minimum wage in that city to $15/hour by 2020?

11) Fox News(?) announced they will use what method to cull the herd of presidential candidates for the debates they sponsor?

12) As many as 5000 people participated in demonstrations outside what company’s Oak Brook, Illinois HQ calling for a $15/hour wage?

13) Speaking in Iowa, what Republican presidential candidate said he would authorize torture in interrogation?

14) In another brilliant move, the Iowa House passed a bill last week to legalize what?

15) May 25th, 1787 in Philadelphia marked the beginning of what historical gathering?

16) Got $725 million? Then you could buy America’s biggest ranch that was put up for sale in what US state this week?

17) What notable retired last week?

18) The scion of what large notorious family made headlines this week in relation to child molestation charges?

19) Late Friday night, did the US Senate pass or not pass fast track negotiating authority for the President?

20) The nation’s largest food retailer surprised many when it called on its suppliers to do what this week?

Have a safe and sane holiday.

1) military hardware

2) Ireland by popular vote Friday

3) Hillary Clinton

4) a major oil spill off the Santa Barbara coast

5) biker gangs

6) They are the major supplier of air safety bag systems for cars. There has been huge recalls on their systems.

7) cancer charities

8) manipulating the value of world currencies

9) Elion Gonzalez

10) Los Angeles

11) the top 10 from an average of the 5 most recent opinion polls

12) McDonald’s

13) Rick Perry (surprised it wasn’t Jeb?)

14) fireworks

15) the Constitutional Convention

16) Texas of course

17) David Letterman

18) the Duggars

19) it passed (boo)

20) called on meat suppliers to use less antibiotics and allow more roaming area for their animals.

The cancer charities that were cited as a scam were: Cancer Fund of America, Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services and The Breast Cancer Society (source:

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