AAAnnnd – He’s Gone

Bill Moyers retired from his PBS show this week

Bill Moyers retired from his PBS show this week

Well this Sunday brings sad news for those who desire current affairs programs where real journalists delve in depth into real issues with knowledgeable guests – guests that are chosen not for their ideological outlook but for their proven knowledge of a subject. It is a disappearing concept in today’s media circus.

Bill Moyers, at 80 still much more in tune with the world and its problems than most of the coiffed news readers of today’s media, has retired once again. He “retired” a few years ago but came back. This time he says it is for good. Time is the most cruel master on earth. No one has yet figured out how to defeat it or the signs of aging. Every creature and every thing we make is subject to time’s ravages.

We salute you, Mr. Moyers and thank you for your contributions as a watchdog on this democracy, the way any true journalist should be. May you enjoy your “retirement” (his blog at will still be in operation and he will no doubt be deeply involved) for many years to come. Sunday mornings will never be the same for me. I suppose I could watch one of the network “news” shows but – well no I am just kidding. Those shows stink, especially compared to Bill Moyers show.

I wish PBS would have another show in place of the Moyers show. There can be no replacement. But there are some real journalists out there who could make some good use of a platform like the Moyers show. And like any fool would, I will list some of my preferences for those who could do at least a credible job in such an environment.

My first choice would be Amy Goodman. What can I say about Amy that most readers do not already know? She bows to no one in pursuit of a story.

Second I would love to see Keith Olbermann given a chance in a spot like this. He would have an impact. It is a shame to see him wasting his talents on ESPN.

Third, how about Mike Papantonio? Maybe a bit too abrasive, but he does go after stories without a political ideology.

Fourth I would love to see Laura Flanders get a shot like this. Very thoroughly researched and prepared, Flanders can really go in depth.

Finally the young David Packman has shown real talent at cutting through the crap and curtains folks put up to ferret out the real story.

But let’s be honest – Bill Moyers is unique, irreplaceable and will be sorely missed.

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