ALERT: Families Should Call DNR Before Swimming During Labor Day Weekend

August 28th, 2014


Media Contact: Matt Sinovic

Phone: (515) 423-0530

An alarming number of Iowa beaches are rated ‘Swimming Not Recommended’ due to E. coli — Iowans can call (319) 353-2613 for the latest swimming advisories

DES MOINES — Citizens for a Healthy Iowa today issued a message of caution to every family that is considering a visit to Iowa’s beaches and lakes this Labor Day weekend. A number of beaches are rated ‘Swimming Not Recommended’ by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) due to high levels of E. coli. At least one dozen beaches received that rating, and nearly fifty are local beaches with no information about the level of E. coli available.

“My children and I used to swim in the Raccoon River. Now there is no way I would let my grandkids swim in the Raccoon River or at our beaches without checking the beach safety hotline first,” said Mike Delaney, President of Citizens for a Healthy Iowa. “Every family should be aware of the dangerous levels of E. coli in many of our lakes before planning their Labor Day activities. Under Governor Branstad’s failed leadership, we’ve seen our water quality drop tremendously. From our kitchen sink to the beaches we swim in, Iowa water just isn’t what it used to be.”

With at least one heavily polluted lake, river or stream in each of Iowa’s 99 counties – over 600 impaired waterways in all – Iowa’s rivers and lakes are more polluted than they’ve ever been. Governor Branstad vetoed $20 million in state funding that would have provided additional resources for the DNR & IDALS to improve water quality and prevent pollution from Iowa farms from getting into Iowa waterways.

Citizens for a Healthy Iowa recommends that families swimming at any of Iowa’s beaches should call the Iowa DNR’s Beach Monitoring Hotline at (319) 353-2613 for the latest swimming advisories.

Citizens for a Healthy Iowa is an Iowa-based non-profit organization that works to promote sustainable public health, agricultural, economic development and environmental policy.

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