The Job of Iowa Progressives

Sanders Book Tour Appearances

Sanders Book Tour Appearances

Holding first in the nation caucuses during the presidential election cycle gives Iowa progressives a job, and it’s not the one you may think. The job of progressives, according to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is to educate people about what is really going on in the economic and political systems.  That means going outside of our comfort zones to talk to people with whom we don’t always agree.

“One point I want to reiterate today— the views that most of us hold are not minority views,” Sanders said, speaking to a gathering of about 100 people.  “They are not strange views. Our views are what the vast majority of the American people believe in.”

Sanders’ appearance at Mainstreet Bookends in Warner, New Hampshire on June 28 defined a progressive agenda and what needs doing to move it forward. The event was covered by BFIA colleague Arnie Alpert on his blog InZaneTimes. Read the rest of Alpert’s story here.

Readers have two assignments. First, note that if Sanders decides to pursue a presidential nomination, the only viable path for him would be to change his party registration from Independent to Democratic. While he talks about the majority view, a third party bid for president would be a pipe dream.

Second, get outside your comfort zone and listen to Republican Party of Iowa chair Jeff Kaufmann address their central committee, also last Saturday. The link is here. People who don’t believe that Kaufmann can pull the dysfunctional group that has been the Iowa Republican Party together into a formidable grassroots campaign need to listen twice.

Readers may want a return to the familiar, so here is video of Sanders speech last Saturday.

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