Republican “Warfare Queens”

Jon Stewart really nailed the Republican aka Tea Party the other night. Nary a penny will they spend here at home to help the ordinary citizen in times of trouble, yet they have an open checkbook for all sorts of foreign misadventures. Let us note that that those checks they write are all borrowed money because they cut taxes for corporations and for the wealthy to near all time lows while waging two wars abroad.

It is certainly a sad commentary that the very best news analysis in this country is done by comedians plus a small handful of liberal journalist. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher and their writers cut through the crap daily to get to the real core of what drives our insane policies. But then, our government, especially the Tea Party, gives them so much material to work with.

Here is the clip:

Remember, if you vote for a Republican you are voting in favor of this kind of policy at all levels. If you do not vote this election you are in essence voting to support the Jeff Sessions, Lyndsey Grahams and John McCains of the world.

Iowa and most of our neighbors have provisions to vote early. If you do not feel you may be able to vote on election day, please be sure to vote early. For that matter, just vote early and be done with it. Voting early will make you feel good!

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