11,000 Iowans Affected By Republicans Blocking Unemployment Benefits

iowa afl-cioFrom Iowa Labor News

Washington – This report shows that 11,300 Iowans have lost their unemployment benefits. “We hope that the Senate will take this important issue up again in the next few weeks,” said Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of Labor. “We cannot afford to leave working families behind. Unemployment benefits are the difference between total hopelessness and a place to live and food on the table.”

The number of people who have lost their unemployment benefits as a result of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program’s expiration has surpassed two million this week, according to a new analysis from Ways and Means Committee Democrats.

The estimate includes the number of people in each state who have lost coverage since the program’s Dec. 28 expiration. Every week, 72,000 people, on average, are losing their unemployment benefits nationwide without an extension of the program. House Republicans have blocked multiple efforts by Democrats to bring up legislation to extend the program on the House floor. Last month a measure to extend the program came one vote short of the 60 votes necessary to move forward legislation in the Senate.

“A financial crisis is confronting more and more families every day that Republicans fail to support an extension of this vital program,” said Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI). “One Republican vote in the Senate is all that stands in the way of two million people and their families coming one critical step closer to seeing their financial lifeline restored as they look for work.”

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2 Responses to 11,000 Iowans Affected By Republicans Blocking Unemployment Benefits

  1. Thomas King says:

    Fight On! It is sad what the republicans are doing to honest Americans!


  2. Dave says:

    We can give a billion dollars to Ukraine no problem. My money that I need to survive. My family and every other american out there unemployed that worked so hard to help this country progress only to be kicked aside like a dog on the street. Why ru spending our money on other countries especially when we need the money in our own lives right here in the united states. I am sure if people read this, they will answer back with the same question…. WHY RU SENDING OUR MONTHLY BENEFITS TO OTHER COUNTRIES??? We need to support the people of the United States first and foremost!! Lets get the american people back on their feet and in the mean time, send them financial compensation that they earned all of their working lives!!!! Please post a response from all readers that are reading this message. We come first!!!


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