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just curious

just curious

– It is a shame that Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed the gay-discrimination bill. I was waiting to see if she would get a “welcome aboard” tweet from Russian president and noted gay hater Vladimir Putin.

– Per John Fugelsang
“There is hate in Arizona, but it is a dry hate.”

– If your state does not have the full Medicaid program, you probably have a Republican governor.

– CPAC Throws Out Atheists – big surprise. Sadly, the atheists can’t tell them to go to hell.

– To hear the right praise Putin so admiringly, one almost wonders if any would encourage him to run for President of the US. The right only worries about that “born in the United States” clause for Democrats.

This Picture Reminds Me Of That Pres. Kennedy Remark
During his administration, Kennedy had brought in top scientists from around the country to the White House for a conference. He began the meeting with the remark:
“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House – with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.

nye obama tyson

Bartcop Has Passed On
Terrence Coppage was well known for his left wing website. He was out there before anyone else. Bartcop was a stopping place for many on the left daily.

The last installment of has his own words on the subject.

Per Charles Pierce:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — By now, and by god, it should have settled permanently in the consciousness of the nation what a huge and untoward gamble with the country John McCain and his campaign took in 2008 when they elevated Sarah Palin from her rightful place on the tundra to the political celebrity she currently enjoys. McCain should pay a heavy price for unleashing this ignorant, two-wheeled bilewagon on the country’s politics. If you think she’s a legitimate political leader, you’re an idiot and a sucker and I feel sorry for you.

I often wonder what makes a Palin or a Limbaugh or a Cruz click. They can’t believe themselves what they are saying because they so often contradict themselves.

It doesn’t take long to get to an answer: Money, money, money. Just like the old time patent medicine wagons, Palin and her ilk have found a bunch of really rich rubes who will pay top dollar for her bullshit and that of the others.

Just say what they want to hear over and over and make them feel very comfortable with their anti-human stances on issues. The Palins of the world also serve to get enough people to vote against their own interests which keep the 1% in power.

Are all the new diseases being “discovered” (manufactured) by big Pharma these days? Seems like every time I turn around some drug company is hawking a new “cure” for something that wasn’t a problem yesterday. Be sure to tell your doctor!

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