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just curious

just curious

I have been a bit confused by what exactly is going on with the Iowa Juvenile Home. Seems like in January we had a crisis from nowhere which resulted in the almost immediate shutdown and then it was out of the news. Thank goodness for the internet and thank goodness for writers like Lynda over at Essential Estrogen. She has been gone a while but she is back and as good as ever. She takes us through a tale of executive over reach by our governor who wants so bad to be a tea partier.

An Iowa judge really takes Branstad to task. I recommend you read Lynda’s account. But she has a great summary paragraph that in a few short words really explains the governor’s actions:
“But if you know anything about Gov. Branstad’s extremely long tenure, then you know that the facility had one big black mark in his eyes: workers who were members of a union. And that’s the one thing for which Gov. Branstad has proven — time and time again — to have no tolerance.”

Yep, that is the essence of Branstad.

Possible Coming Conversation
Aide: “Gov. Christie on the phone for you, Governor”
Branstad: “Who?
Aide: Gov. Christie of New Jersey, sir. Chris Christie.”
Branstad: “Do I know him?”
Aide: “Yes, sir. He’s the head of the Republican governors. Heavy set fellow. Speaks gruffly.”
Branstad: “Can’t say it rings a bell. What’s he want?”
Aide: “Said he’s willing to come out and campaign for you this summer.”
Branstad: “Get a number and tell him I will get back to him.”

On The Radio

Some may have heard this. A large number of the radio stations in this country are owned by Clear Channel. Once upon a time CC used to have some stations set aside for liberal programs. CC has been taken over by Bain Capital. You may remember them from President Romney’s campaign. (He didn’t win? But Fox News said he did!).

In many major markets CC owns all the major stations. Now they (and Bain) have made a strategic decision to cut any liberal radio from major markets. Thus the concept of many points of view being heard in a democracy is kicked in the face once more. Add this to what may happen on the internet and we can see that there is no greater enemy to real democracy than corporations.

I listen To:
I have the radio on all day. Let me correct that. I have the computer on all day and one of my windows has a radio station up all day. In my younger years I would actually have a radio on and most often it was turned to our local NPR station. I liked that the shows often challenged my intellect and made me think. Now I seldom turn on NPR. I am not sure what all the behind the scenes machinations were that produced today’s NPR but it is most certainly a homogenized product that does little to distinguish itself.

So today I turn on WCPT in Chicago and listen to left wing talkers for the most part. Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and the very intelligent Thom Hartmann. One bright spot beyond the radio is satellite TV, specifically FreeSpeechTV which has just recently added Stephanie Miller to a line up that already had Bill Press and Thom Hartmann in the afternoon.

And in the evening, I listen to my favorite Christmas present – an internet radio my wife got me a couple years ago. I so enjoy listening to the old time radio shows, especially the comedies. Burns and Allen and Jack Benny are about my favorites.

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