Branstad Cheerleads For Chris Christie On Iowa Taxpayers’ Dime

branstadBirds of a feather is about all you can say about this.  Here’s what happened:  The people in New Jersey who were supposed to be in charge, the Christie administration, shut down a public roadway for political payback, with complete and utter disregard for public safety.  As George Will opined, “they used the machinery of government to screw their enemies.”

And our Governor thinks it is appropriate to say nice things about Gov. Christie while giving his address at the opening day of the Iowa legislature.  Why would he do this?  Does Branstad think Iowans would support the idea of I-80 or I-35 or some other heavily travelled roadway being shut down for days in the event that he gets mad at a Democrat?

What this behavior reveals, yet again, is that what Governor Branstad really cares about is not Iowans. What he cares most about is the national Republican party agenda and his place in it.

Two questions. (1) How has this outrageous behavior become acceptable in both New Jersey and Iowa? (2) What will it take for voters to wise up?

Here’s the story.

Des Moines – Governor Branstad took time on the opening day of the 2014 legislative session to praise New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for demonstrating “leadership” during the George Washington Bridge scandal.

chris christie“Terry Branstad went to bat for Chris Christie – defending his conduct on the bridge scandal and going as far as touting it as a moment of ‘leadership’ for Christie,” said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Troy Price.  “Chris Christie created a culture in his office that set the stage for his aides to use the power of government to exact political retribution.  It’s no surprise Governor Branstad spoke up for Christie today –both have a history of bullying opponents and misleading voters.   Terry Branstad may call it leadership, but we call it a culture of misconduct and gross negligence.”  – Iowa Democratic Party

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