Sunday Funday – One Week To Winter Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Why does winter get such a bad rap? In case you haven’t noticed, we lose sunlight in the summer but gain sunlight in the winter. So let’s give winter the respect it deserves! Besides, what’s a little snow among friends? And if it wasn’t for winter would tall people ever gather indoors to play games? And all the joshing from friends and neighbors about “getting the hell out of Iowa next winter.” It is all in good fun!

Speaking of good fun wake your brain up from its winter’s nap and tell it that it is still autumn. Now put it to work.

1) Oh no! Another school shooting Friday in a state that has had many notable gun incidents in the past few years. What state did this one happen in?

2) Holy Cow! The way the right reacted you would think Obama had shaken hands with Lucifer himself. Whose hand did Obama shake?

3) Fox News’Megyn Kelly says Santa Claus is this and it is verifiable that Jesus Christ was also this. What did Kelly claim both Santa and Jesus were?

4) This silver tongued Republican ended his national radio show Friday, so now he will have lots of time to visit friends and voters in Iowa. Who might we be seeing much more of in days to come?

5) This guy and his wife hitched a ride with the Obamas to South Africa on Air Force 1, his old ride. Who was this guy?

6) A few months ago he had his ex-girlfriend executed. This week his uncle got the treatment. This is a world leader you do not want to cross. Who is he?

7) Scientists analyzed the DNA from a skeleton and discovered that humans actually date back at least how many years?

8) Late Tuesday, Governor Branstad said that Iowa and the department of HHS had come to an agreement that allows Iowa to implement its Iowa health and Wellness plan. This plan is Iowa’s version of what?

9) In a bit of industrial spying, Chinese national Mo Hailong, residing in the US on a work visa, has been charged with trying to steal what?

10) People protesting in Kiev, Ukraine showed their anger at the government (and Russia) by toppling a statue of what Communist icon?

11) By gosh there will be snow at the Winter Olympics if there is none anywhere else! Where is the Winter Olympics being held?

12) Major traffic jams and back ups were caused on the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey last summer when lanes were closed for no reason. Now fingers are being pointed at what major New Jersey politician as the one who ordered it as revenge?

13) The official who verified Pres. Obama’s birth certificate died in an airplane crash last week. What embarrassment of a human being immediately tweeted that this looked suspicious (birther conspiracy)?

14) The US House voted on a compromise budget that did not include an extension of payments to what group?

15) Who lashed out at tea bagger groups for opposing the aforementioned budget saying they “had lost all credibility.”?

By the way, when I win the mega-millions lottery I will treat you all to one more column that will be all gibberish written in a drunken haze. Until then, we have these answers:

1) Colorado Arapahoe High in Centennial, Colo.

2) Raul Castro.

3) White

4) Mike Huckabee rises again, perhaps

5) Former Pres. George W. Bush

6) Kim Jung Un

7) 400,000 years much longer than the 100,000 years previously thought

8) Medicaid

9) stealing trade secrets of bioengineered corn from two seed manufacturing companies in Iowa and Illinois

10) Lenin

11) Sochi, Russia

12) Gov. Chris Christie

13) Donald Trump (stay classy Donald)

14) The long term unemployed

15) John Boehner.

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