Governor Branstad Misrepresents Iowa Job Numbers

Bureau of Labor Statistics show 8,300 jobs lost; Branstad claims 5,900 jobs gained

Des Moines – Documents updated and released today by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) reveal that the Branstad administration distorted jobs numbers by 14,200 in September and October.

IWD released its most recent jobs report today, showing a net loss of 8,300 jobs in the months of September and October. However, IWD continues to use the Branstad Administration’s discredited “gross over the month employment gains” statistic in an attempt to fool Iowans into thinking the jobs situation is much better than it actually is. The “gross jobs” number manufactured by IWD was 5,900, inflating the number of jobs in September and October by 14,200.

“Governor Branstad needs to stop playing games with the truth and start working on behalf of middle class Iowa families,” said Matt Sinovic, Executive Director of Progress Iowa. “He and his administration have tried to hide their woeful record on job creation with deceptive math, rather than spend time fixing the problem.”

Governor Branstad’s “gross over the month employment gains” measure paints a false picture of job growth because it only counts new jobs that are added and does not include jobs that are lost. That is to say, an Iowan who takes a series of three short-term jobs would be credited as adding three jobs to the economy, even though none of those jobs may still exist.

As a candidate, Governor Branstad promised to create 200,000 Iowa jobs. This month’s figures put his administration well short of that mark, with a net gain of just 48,200 jobs, 33 months into his term. Branstad’s use of inflated jobs numbers to boost his re-election chances is simply an example of his willingness to play by his own rules for personal gain.


Iowa Workforce Development Spreadsheet (with annotation)

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