This Week On The Fallon Forum: ACA, Chris Christie, Chet Culver And More

fallon forumMonday, in a special one-hour broadcast from 5:15-6:15 p.m., Dr. Charles Goldman and I discuss the kick-off to the ACA’s health insurance exchange. Then we talk about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Is Christie the Republican Party’s only hope to win the presidency? Given Christie’s track record in New Jersey, do we really want him as President? And is there any chance of him actually winning the Republican nomination, especially in states like Iowa? To help answer these and other pressing Christie questions, we are joined by NJ resident and Charles’ brother, Dr. Steve Goldman.

Tuesday, we interview Des Moines City Council candidates Bill Gray and Sean Bagniewski.

Wednesday, comedian Ben Gran joins us to talk about his upcoming show. And I’ll dig into the Democratic primary for governor a bit. Did AFSCME just shoot itself in the foot . . . again? And you’ll never guess which recent commentator I find myself most in agreement with on the race? Chet Culver.

Thursday, former Polk County Republican Party chair turned independent Chad Brown joins us. I’ll also tell you about Jerry Rhoads, the gubernatorial candidate who wants to eliminate nursing home regulations. Surprise, surprise! Jerry owns a nursing home that is constantly being cited for violations. But wait. Wouldn’t Jerry be better off just supporting Gov. Branstad? The two agree on this issue.

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