Sunday Funday – Retailers Declare November Doesn’t Exist Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Funny, isn’t it? Seems like October and Halloween barely exist on the calendar any more. If it wasn’t for those billions in candy sales all the myths and stories and fun of Halloween would be thrown in the trash so more time/ floor space/ advertising could be devoted to the Big Kahuna. And November? It may as well start writing its resume and start looking for jobs on some of those new planets that are being discovered.

“Former autumn month that acted as a lead in to December and Christmas. Relieved of duties to create more Christmas sales. Was great for football.”

I can give it a little work raking the lawn.

Were you paying attention? Here we go!

1) Wow – we are finding new planets all over the place. What tool are we using to find all these new planets?

2) Hurricane season may be over, but apparently typhoon season isn’t. What is the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?

3) An out of control driver of a pickup truck and trailer rampaged through Ames Monday. How did the incident end?

4) We had off-off year elections Tuesday across the nation. What nationally prominent PAC tried to intervene in Coralville’s election with little success?

5) Another small town drew great interest due to the issue of minimum wage on their ballot. What is the name of that small Washington town?

6) What did they vote the minimum wage to be in that town?

7) Dell has offered to fix computers that were made with what annoying problem?

8) Chris Christie was reelected governor in New Jersey. He was so much the darling of the press that few may even know his opponent’s name. Who was his opponent?

9) A man in New Mexico was pulled over by police who claimed he had failed to make a full stop at a stop sign. What happened after that?

10) Thursday morning researchers discovered that the website may have been slowed dramatically by what?

11) Chuck Grassley’s senate committee is holding hearings on reducing prison populations. Grassley claims judges are already too lenient. Prison populations have risen how much over the past 30 years?

12) Lara Logan had a great story that was the talk of the town for a couple of weeks. Problem is that the story is false. What is the story about that Lara Logan and CBS are now having to retract?

13) What old, thought to be eradicated disease is raising its ugly head in war torn Syria?

14) Illinois became the 15th state to legalize marriage equality. However, don’t plan the wedding yet. When does this upgrade go into effect?

15) Rand Paul has a little problem with plagiarism. Because of this he has been dropped as a columnist by what “newspaper?”

November is willing to move to summer if there is work available there.


1) the Kepler telescope

2) location. Weatherwise they are exactly the same, but are called hurricanes in the Altlantic ocean, typhoons in the Pacific ocean.

3) He was shot and killed by Ames police.

4) Americans For Prosperity

5) Seatac

6) $15

7) they smell like cat pee

8) Barbara Buono

9) a nightmare that included anal probes, enemas, defecating in front of police and doctors called for because of a suspicion of drug smuggling. He even got billed for the procedures. Yes he is suing.

10) a denial of service website designed to overwhelm

11) 700% – good time to be in the prison business

12) The CBS story on what really happened at Benghazi

13) polio

14) Next June

15) The Washington Times – this is a far right wing paper once owned by Rev(?) Sun Myung Moon.

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