Sunday Funday – The Trees Finally Turned Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Only about a month late, but most trees in our area have finally looking like fall. Where we live the city utility department used to put away the leaf vacuums and put on the snowplows on November first. That doesn’t happen anymore. I am not sure when they put the vacuums away, but since the leaves are hardly down on Halloween anymore the vacuums are still out.

Hard not to notice that the face of the scariest Halloween this week was Ted Cruz. But remember he is only the face, the real monsters are named Koch and Adelstein and J.P. Morgan and Walmart and so on ….. and don’t forget those from the past – Karl Rove, Darth Cheney and old W.

So were you paying attention?

1) Which average black couple handed out treats at their $300 million home in the heart of DC to local kids and kids of service members?

2) Rand Paul was really upset when Rachel Maddow pointed out that he had lifted much of his speech word for word from what source?

3) What group claimed that the Obamacare website was brought down by their prayers to God?

4) What Senator’s father is a preacher who says things like “Obama should go back to Kenya” and “Obama is a Marxist”?

5) Two governor’s elections this week. What state is the democrat expected to win and what is his name?

6) About how much will the average cut be in Iowa be due to the cuts in the SNAP programs?

7) A shooting incident took place at what major airport Friday?

8) The latest turn in the ACA sign up story is that many people can’t actually do what?

9) Speaking of the ACA, what cabinet head took questions from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce?

10) Who did 16 women senators endorse to run for President this week?

11) Speaking of endorsements, Tyler Olson was endorsed by what union this week?

12) A drug smuggling tunnel that even had a railway was found between what two cities?

13) LIHEAP looms important this time of year in Iowa. What was the average LIHEAP (heat assistance) award in Iowa last year?

14) The White House did admit there was some brief discussion about replacing Joe Biden on the 2012 ticket with who?

15) Former Arizona representative Rick Renzi was given how long of a sentence for corruption and racketeering?

To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention last week. I was focused on my favorite holiday, Halloween! Our beggars were down a bit, so those that showed got plenty!


1) Barack and Michelle Obama – pictures

2) Wikipedia.

3) Family Research Council

4) Ted Cruz

5) Virginia – Terry MacAuliffe

6) about $36 for a family of 4

7) Los Angeles

8) keep their old policies. Many do not stand up to the ACA requirements

9) Kathleen Sebelius of HHS

10) Hillary Clinton


12) Tijuana and San Diego under the border.

13) $460

14) Hillary Clinton

15) 3 short years

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