Iowans Should Get The Facts About The Affordable Health Care Act AKA Obamacare

obamacare approvedIf you are just now starting to pay attention, here is the simple explanation about the new health care law, disparagingly referred to as Obamacare, a term which President Obama himself and Democrats have adopted as a tag for the Affordable Care Act because we feel it is correct to say that Obama does care, which is better than the opposition can claim.  Apparently, some are understandably confused as to what is what because of the efforts to obfuscate and spread disinformation about the new health care law by the opposition.

1 – We are now finding out that many do not know that Obamacare = The Affordable Care Act.  Yes, they are one and the same and these terms can be used interchangeably.  Please tell your friends.

2 – Obamacare/ACA is not something provided by the government that you sign up for.  We repeat:  It is not something provided by government that you sign up for.  Obamacare/ACA refers to a set of policy changes that means that insurance companies can no longer do things that are harmful to people just so they can profit more. What you sign up for is to purchase an individual health care plan provided by a private insurance company.  Obamacare/ACA  makes this affordable for people where it used to be that purchasing an individual health plan bought you bad coverage at an unaffordable price.

3 –  Obamacare/ACA now prevents insurance companies from denying you coverage because you have a health condition (pre-existing condition).

4 – Obamacare/ACA makes it so insurance companies cannot drop you from coverage because you get sick.

5 – Obamacare/ACA requires insurance companies to allow your kids to stay on your policy until age 26 even if they are not in college.

6 – Obamacare/ACA means preventive care such as mammograms are provided at no extra cost.

7 – Obamacare/ACA attempts to expand Medicaid eligibility but this is up to individual states.

8 – Obamacare/ACA provides for a one-stop shopping exchange where people can go and compare plans at

9 – Obamacare/ACA does a whole bunch of other stuff that is good for Americans.  Watch the video. Visit  Check it out.  Get the facts.

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