Don’t Forget The ACA!

obamacare approvedComing in a couple of weeks. PPACA, ACA or Obamacare, whatever you call it, will be rolling out on October 1st. As a sure to be customer, I could not be more excited. I have been effectively shut out of health care for a while. I can hardly wait.

I will never forget how hard the Democrats had to fight to get even this watered down version of universal health care. Nor will I ever forget how Republicans did everything they could to stop its passage and implementation. If a Republican asks for my vote my question back will be what’s your healthcare plan? Your last one stunk. If you want my vote, I want healthcare for all. Period.

So if you are one of the millions who have been waiting, be sure to get signed up and ready to roll for the Oct. 1st start. In case you have not heard of the website it is

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