Low Wage Workers are Changing the Face of Labor

Photo Credit: WOCC

Photo Credit: WOCC

The following article by David Moberg appeared in the July 25, 2013 edition of In These Times. It highlights the movement to address pay for restaurant and other lowly paid workers.

Thank You, Strike Again

How Low Wage Workers are Changing the Face of Labor

As a worker at The Protein Bar, a quick-service eatery in Chicago’s glitzy North Michigan Avenue shopping district, Amie Crawford is very important to America’s unions: Even though she doesn’t belong to one, she may be a harbinger of new life for the labor movement at a time when even friends are preparing its obituary.

Last year, Crawford joined the “Fight for 15” campaign, a labor and community-supported project that aims to improve conditions for workers in Chicago’s central business districts. The campaign demands a $15 minimum wage and the right to form unions without interference from management.

Crawford recruited other fast food and retail workers to join neighborhood marches and helped form a workers’ association, Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago […]

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