Branstad One of the Worst

email inboxJust received in our inbox from Troy Price, Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party.


DES MOINES – A recently released report has named Terry Branstad as one of America’s Worst Governors.  The report, released by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington looked at several factors, and cited Branstad’s cronyism, self-enrichment, and pressure on public officials as reasons for making the list.

“This report confirms what Iowa Democrats have known all along– Terry Branstad is one of the worst governors in America,” said IDP Executive Director.  “For more than 18 years, Terry Branstad has been Iowa’s problem causer.  He has helped only himself and his friends while standing in the way of progress for Iowans.”

The report cites the following reasons for giving Branstad this award:

  • Cronyism- Branstad appointed high-dollar donor Bruce Rastetter to the Iowa Board of Regents and instituted a shake-up that resulted in him becoming President of the Board during a time that is noted for its partisan political decisions.
  • Public Pressure on Officials- Branstad put pressure on Workers Compensation Commissioner Chris Godfrey to step down, and when he didn’t, cut his salary by more than $30,000.
  • Self Enrichment- Branstad receives more than $50,000 in retirement benefits in addition to his salary of $130,000, a practice he campaigned against in 2010.
  • Partisanship- Branstad on his first day in office reversed a standing Executive Order from his Democratic predecessors to give released felons their voting rights back.

IDP Chair Scott Brennan said, “Iowans deserve the best.  It is time to get rid of Terry Branstad and elect a Democrat who will work to bring out the best in our state.”

You can find a copy of the report here.

Link to the Iowa Democratic Party web site here.

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  1. Linda Smith says:

    Shows you the intelligence of the Iowa voters.


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