Iowans Arrested at KC Nuke Plant Protest

Peace Now, Please(UPDATED July 16, 2013) Iowa Catholic Workers Frank Cordaro, Ed Bloomer, Elton Davis, and Jessica Reznicek were among two dozen people who were arrested Saturday morning for trespassing at the entrance to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s new south Kansas City complex in a peaceful protest against the nuclear weapons that will soon be built there.

David Goodner, also a Des Moines Catholic Worker, reported this morning,

“A group of priests, nuns, Catholic Workers, and other faithful took nonviolent direct action at a Kansas City nuclear weapons plant over the weekend.  23 were arrested including Father Carl Kabat, the head of his order, other priests and nuns, and many Catholic Workers from around the Midwest and country.

Most have been released, however, Frank Cordaro of Des Moines is still being held because of prior warrants and will see a judge today.”

Read more about the protest from Channel 41 in Kansas City by clicking here.
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