Sunday Funday Hot Day In July Edition

just not sure

just not sure

Walk, don’t run. Today is the annual Muscatine County Parade, which is ironically scheduled on the Hottest Damn Day of the Year every year at the Hottest Damn Time of the Day. We go through this survival test yearly to prove our love of country and city and that by this time of summer most of us have lost the good sense we were born with.

But just to see if you have any sense left, take this little test to see if you were paying attention the last couple weeks. Even when things seem slow it’s like the desert with a lot of life below the surface.

1) This Republican may have had a crimp put in his presidential aspirations when it was revealed that a high level aide is a major neoconfederate and secessionist who appears on South Carolina radio as the racist “Southern Avenger.” What potential president is defending this staffer?

2) A recently identified weather phenomena which includes high straight line winds over a large area, and heavy rain took a blast at the east this week. We’ve had a couple in Iowa in the past couple years. What is this weather phenomena called?

3) Poor John Boehner. Without a doubt the worst Speaker of the House ever. Eric Cantor is telling Boehner he must use the Hastert Rule on immigration. I am not sure Boehner even knows what the Hastert Rule is. Do you?

4) In the sports world, a rookie with the Los Angeles Dodgers is creating so much excitement he may be voted on to the All-Star squad despite only being in the majors a little over a month. Do you know what this phenom’s name is and where he is from?

5) This young lady and major Obama critic floated a balloon about running for senate from Wyoming as a Republican despite the fact that Wyoming already has 2 relatively young, very right wing sitting senators. Who would splinter the party in Wyoming with a potential run?

6) A couple of benevolent brothers offered advice to our government this week. They said that the very best thing the government could do for the poor is to get rid of the minimum wage and the poor would be much better off as wages would rise tremendously. Can you name these benevolent brothers?

7) Oops, almost missed this 50th anniversary of one of the most ubiquitous numbers in our life. What came into existence July 1, 1963?

8) Did I say one young lady floated a balloon to run for the senate? Well, another Republican also floated a balloon to run for a term in the Senate or maybe a half a term anyway. What other Republican woman floated a balloon to run for the senate?

9) Several countries on what continent have stated they will give Edward Snowden asylum. What continent?

10) Which Republican senators “filibustered” the student loan rate reduction bill?

11) Breaking up that old gang on the View television show, what member left the show and where did she go?

12) 50 years ago in July of 1963, the Top Ten included two foreign songs. One was a song few could understand and the other a song about Australia. Can you name these two foreign songs from 50 years ago?

13) In Moulton, Alabama a man robbed a bank and then waited outside for the police to arrest him. Why?

14) Well, Barack Obama won’t have to worry about carpal tunnel syndrome from signing bills. Republican obstruction has resulted in how many bills being passed this year?

15) This Freshman senator has introduced a new version of Glass-Steagall. We shouldn’t be surprised, she is about the only one who seems to understand how dangerous “too big to fail” is. Who is she?

Right shoe, right foot …..Oh man! I don’t want to parade. Got to take one for the team though! Well here we go!

But you want some answers first, right?

1) Rand Paul is defending his social media advisor and “Southern Avenger” Jack Hunter.

2) derecho

3)The Hastert Rule says that the speaker will only bring bills to the floor that are approved by a majority of his caucus. Named after the second worst Speaker ever.

4) Yasiel Puig from Cuba.

5) Liz Cheney

6) The Koch brothers, David and Charles. So kind.

7) Mr. Zip, or the post office zip code.

8) Sara Palin. She may be back yet! (BTW, she just “wrote” another book)

9) South America

10) Every damn one.

11) Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She will be part of the wall paper on Fox News(?)

12) “Sukiyaki” by Kyo Sakamoto from Japan and “Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport” by Rolf Harris

13) He was desperate to get medical care and food.

14) 15. The least ever with few prospects for any more. The previous record was 23 last year.

15) Elizabeth Warren.

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