Change At Iowa Policy Project

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We would like to note that the folks at Iowa Policy Project have announced a change at the top.

It is not a huge change. David Osterberg has stepped down as the executive director. Mike Owen, Mr. Osterberg’s long time assistant, has moved up to the executive director spot.

The Iowa Policy Project and its subsidiary Iowa Fiscal Partnership, has a tremendous reputation for integrity. Over the years IPP has really demystified the effects of potential policies and thus helped to deflate much of the unfounded overblown rhetoric which sometimes comes with some often half-baked ideas. This year analysis of the medicaid expansion and the property tax cuts were especially enlightening.

Mr. Osterberg will not entirely leave. He will be stepping back to a research role. Make no doubt though, his replacement is more than capable of continuing the excellent work we have come to rely on. Mike Owen has a long record in journalism and public policy.

Much of IPP’s focus is on the effect of policy on Iowa Families. The staff that has done so much work on the research over the years remains in place. That includes Peter Fisher, Heather Gibney and Heather Milway. Their work speaks for itself.

So with this announcement we would like to say thanks for what you have done, Mr. Osterberg. And we look forward to continuing thorough research to tell the stories that we don’t hear from politicians with Mr. Owen in charge.

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