Free Symposium: Expanded Awareness For Sustainability


Expanded Awareness as the Basis of Deep Green Business and Deep Sustainability

Symposium sponsored by the Department of Business Administration

July 5-6, 2013
10:00-12:30 and 1:30-4:00

FREE and open to the public

Sustainable Living Center, Room 12
Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, Iowa

Transformation of Consciousness

There must be a transformation of consciousness in order to truly “embed” sustainability in our companies and our society.

• How can this transformation take place?
• What are the mechanics of implementing change?
• How have businesses and communities facilitated transformation?
• What are the results of such a transformation?

Join us for a discussion of these and other questions as we explore the role of consciousness in creating sustainable business and a sustainable world.

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Schedule of Activities

Friday morning: Expanded Awareness for Deep Green Business

Vicki Alexander Herriott, J.D., LL.M. “What is Deep Green Business?”
Hazel Henderson,
John Ikerd, Ph.D. “The Essentials of Economic Sustainability”
Stuart Valentine, MBA. “Money and Life”

Friday afternoon: Applying Expanded Awareness in Business

Francis Thicke, Ph.D.“Sustainable Dairy Farming and the Future of Organic Food”
Paul Tarnoff, “Creating A Network for Sustainable Business to Support Expanded Awareness”
Scott Herriott, Ph.D. “The Seventh Generation Paradox”

Andrew Bargerstock, Ph.D. “The Resonance of Lean and Sustainability”

Friday evening: Art walk: Exploring Fairfield

Saturday morning: Applying Expanded Awareness in Technology

David Goodman, Ph.D.” Clean High Tech and Micro-business Low Tech”
Michael Garvin, Steve Fugate
Bob Pepper, President Yava Technologies, Inc. “Sustainable Mining”

Saturday afternoon: Applying Expanded Awareness in Leadership

Harald Harung, Ph.D. “World-class Performance through Expanded Awareness”
Jim Schaefer, Ph.D. “Raising Consciousness to Ensure Sustainability around the World”
Bob Ferguson
Rachel Goodman

Panel discussion: Challenges of Introducing Deep Green Business

Saturday evening: Dinner in Annapurna

Optional Sunday Morning: Expanding Awareness to Ensure Sustainability: The Next Step – World Cafe


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