Coming July 24th: The People’s Video Revolt Against Monsanto And The Corporate Media

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On July 24, the people’s media, otherwise known as the free and open internet, will be used to bring the world’s attention to the under-reported story of  bad corporate citizen Monsanto, and the potential dangers of genetically modified foods. 

Democracy depends on an informed citizenry, and with our media in the hands of only a few greedy corporate giants,  information for our health and well-being is not reaching enough people to effect change.  In fact, the opposite is happening;  lies are being disseminated with great efficiency and are reaching large numbers of people through the likes of  media monopolies Clear Channel,  Comcast, Time-Warner, Viacom, Disney, all making billions in profits, using the public airwaves for FREE! 

Howard Dean said in 2004 that we must “take back the corporate-owned media and infuse it with the voice of the people.”

We hope you will participate in this action and remember that whatever issue that is your first priority, whether it be GMOs, climate change, free speech, privacy, equality, local issues, jobs, or immigration, media reform should be your second priority. Our friend and mentor, Nicholas Johnson, says it best:

“Whatever is your first priority, whether it is women’s rights or saving wildlife, your second priority has to be media reform.  With it you at least have a chance of accomplishing your first priority. Without it, you don’t have a prayer.”   “Second Priority: a Former FCC Commissioner Speaks Out”  (Myrtle Orchard Press and

If this action is successful, it would be exciting to see it replicated on other issues that we urgently need to address.


~ A new initiative to bypass the corporate media blackout on GMO foods and bring the issue to world attention has been launched. Monsanto Video Revolt is to hit the net in the upcoming weeks, editor of Anthony Gucciardi tells RT.

Anyone can become a part of the Monsanto Video Revolt announced by the Global Healing Center, Natural News and Natural Society, which have united to counter genetically modified Monsanto-produced crops and the overwhelming amount of poisonous herbicides and pesticides being dumped all over the world.

The campaigners want to fill the mailboxes of lawmakers and the folks responsible so full that they will have no choice but to listen to Monsanto opposition.

According to the initiative, participants are to record a video of explaining why they stand against Monsanto and GMO’s at large. Then on July 24, videos are to be uploaded to a major video website such as Vimeo or YouTube – with Monsanto Video Revolt in the title – and shared through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

“The Monsanto Video Revolt is a natural extension of the protests and the opposition against Monsanto and GMOs at large,” Gucciardi told RT’s The Truthseeker.

Having succeeded with the March Against Monsanto in May, anti-Monsanto activists believe they must continue the momentum and join forces to slay the giant that is Monsanto. The March Against Monsanto was very successful, but “there’s no reason for the mainstream media to cover it,” he explained.

With the Video Revolt “we’re blasting this information over the gates of the mainstream media right into the central nervous system of society as a whole,” Gucciardi said, because “media could choose to ignore – and they do every single time in the mainstream media.”

“We’re going to flood search engines, YouTube, video websites with Monsanto Video Revolt to the point where everyone is going to see it even if he is not looking for it specifically,” he said, dubbing the initiative“a display of power of the alternative news community.”

“This movement as a whole, this video campaign and others, this initiative ultimately will turn into real action, legislation change, because we’ve had enough of the Monsanto pollution of our food supply, and it is going to change very soon. This is ultimately either the beginning of the end or the end of the end from Monsanto,” Gucciardi concluded.

Monsanto Video Revolt is called to abolish the US Monsanto Protection Act, signed into law in March 2013. Monsanto legislation was hidden inside of the Continuing Resolution spending bill, and it enabled protection of Monsanto and its genetically modified creations from federal courts.

The Monsanto Video Revolt protesters also intend to make GMO food labeling mandatory, as people have the right to know what they are eating.

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