This Week On The Fallon Forum: Faux IRS “Scandal” Fracking And The Price Of Carbon

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Monday, here’s what Dr. Charles Goldman and I plan to dish-up: Despite the hue and cry of U.S. House committees and media of all political stripes, the supposed targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS appears to be another overblown scandal a la the Benghazi attack. The real scandal is that the American taxpayer is footing the tax exemption bill for all sorts of phony “social welfare” groups under the 501(c)(3) rules.

Tuesday, Maggie Fox with Climate Reality joins us. We’ll discuss her group’s “Price of Carbon” video. Also, we talk with Iowa City physician Dr. Maureen McCue about the flood threat to Iowa City and the University of Iowa – and how climate change factors into Iowa’s wettest spring ever.

Wednesday, we discuss fracking with Matt Ohloff of Food & Water Watch and some of the research his group has done debunking the claim that fracking is a transition energy source, and explaining how industry data on job creation related to fracking is inflated by the oil and gas lobby.

Thursday, Ron Yarnell and I ponder what sort of government the anti-government types expect to arise in a world where the natural environment is decisively moving toward extremes that reduce sustainability. Ron and I also argue about local control over education. Also, we hope to talk with Nakisha Phillips, and State Rep Dan Kelley joins us to talk about his visit to Washington, DC to network with legislators from across the country on key environmental issues.

Friday, Tony Bisignano is my guest. After I get done needling Tony about how the Red Sox took two out of three from the Yankees in New York this weekend, we’ll get serious and discuss why he wants to return to the Iowa Legislature after over a decade of being out of office. Heather Ryan joins us as well.

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