Paulsen Inexplicably Slashes Funding For Iowa Passenger And Freight Rail

email inboxFrom our inbox: A note from PIRG:

House Speaker Kraig Paulsen – a lawyer to trucking company CRST International – is axing all funding for both passenger rail and freight rail in Iowa. We can’t let that happen.

Take action to restore this critical funding now!

New passenger rail along I-80 from Chicago through Quad Cities, Iowa City, Des Moines and Council Bluffs would provide travelers in Iowa with a more convenient way to travel – while creating jobs, building our economy, and keeping us competitive regionally.

We need you to help us make sure our legislators refuse to vote in support of any budget that doesn’t include funds for passenger and frieght rail.

Time is running out though, so your legislators need to hear from you right away!

This year, even Governor Branstad included a recommendation to fund passenger rail in his budget – funds that would allow us to leverage $86 mill in federal funding.

Don’t let this opportunity pass us by. Contact your legislator, and tell them to stand strong for rail!

Click here to send this message to your legislator:

If we let this opportunity to leverage $86 million in federal funds to move forward with new passenger rail across Iowa along I-80 – Iowa will loose out on generations worth of infrastructure development necessary to keep our state economically competitive regionally.

Also, as an agricultural state, we rely on freight rail to get our goods to market. To eliminate the revolving funds for freight rail would create an easily avoidable hardship. Including funds for both the freight rail and multi-modal would allow us to make updates to our tracks and crossing intersections while introducing passenger rail – necessary updates that will allow freight to operate more efficiently, improve safety, and get more bang for our buck.

Please, take a stand to protect this important investment in our future. Don’t vote in support of any budget that does not include funding for multi-modal and freight rail.


Sonia Ashe
Iowa PIRG Advocate

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