Tell Rep. Heaton To Support Full Medicaid Expansion

After you call Rep. Heaton at (515) 281-7327, visit to send him an email. Tell him to support full Medicaid expansion!

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2 Responses to Tell Rep. Heaton To Support Full Medicaid Expansion

  1. There is little doubt that he Democrat plan is superior to that of Republicans. However, the most recent thing I’ve read shows that Branstad’s plan also covers mental health and substance abuse issues. If that’s the case, then the hump revolves round how many are covered and to what extent. Democrats are already willing to go with Republican plan to make people try to be healthy. This is fine by me. Expansion is still the better deal for Iowa.


  2. Errol Benson says:

    I am a healthcare professional and active in political circles in Seattle. My oldest son is a surgeon and he works at a hospital in Des Moines. He has a friend who is an MD who works in Waterloo who helped organize this rally. I liked the video that accompanies this post and I am going to show it to some folks I know in Seattle.


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