A Reminder In Dallas

just curious

just curious

In case you had forgotten what the real source of our current mess is a huge reminder was opened in Dallas Thursday morning. Dedicated to the worst presidency overall in America’s history, a presidency that failed not just on one or two fronts but failed in every substantive manner possible. And a presidency whose legacy continues in the unconstitutional obstructionism in the United States Senate and since 2010 in the US House.

You can’t blame Obama for what congress, specifically Republicans have not done in tying up the country and forcing us to continue the policies of the Bush regime. My only wish for republicans is they all must deal in some major way with the consequences of what they created. They will find like so many of us have that their policies stink.

Does Anyone Know What Branstad’s Medicaid Policy Is?
Does Branstad even know? Like most Iowans, I favor the Medicaid Expansion as passed as part of Obamacare. But Branstad has to make his bones with the money boys so he went off to create his own policy. I heard it was announced, but I have as yet to see little of it in the M$M news. He must have whispered it too an empty room. Only thing I did hear was there was an enrollment fee, which really negate the purpose of Medicaid. If people could pay, they wouldn’t need help.

ALEC Convention Thursday: Where Are Your Legislators?
If your local rep is taking a little trip to Oklahoma City, then he or she must be going down to curry favor with the money gathering under the guise of ALEC. That is if they are Republicans.

I am encouraging Democrats to go. Because Democrats like open meetings. I encourage them to go and gather as much information on ALEC’s plans as they possibly can. And then I encourage them to share it via electronic media to all Iowans. After all, if ALEC is truly a legislative exchange group, they should have nothing to hide.

Lobbyist-Legislator Meetings Should Be Recorded
A few years back I proposed that all communication between lobbyists and basically anybody should be open to all. Especially any communication between lobbyists and legislators. We hear rumors of the kinds of things lobbyists bring to the table border on the illegal. My feeling is that any business of any legislator should be conducted in the open. That even a chance meeting between a lobbyist and legislator should be recorded.

ALEC meetings have been notoriously behind closed doors (or under rocks) forever. This is a group that has had immense impact on state legislators.

If they were not a lobbying group but a true legislative group they would be meeting in the open and letting all interested parties in.
So, since lobbyists are wholly untrustworthy, I still call for any meeting between a lobbyist and a legislator to be recorded. But sadly such a law would have to go through the legislature.

Look At The Shiny Object.
In our house we are quite jaded. When we see some story that is going to become a dominant story, my wife and I often look at each other and ask “what ELSE is going on?” We have seen the death or disappearance of some young white woman often used to push other stories off the radar. Often those stories that disappear are of much more importance in the long run. Many times these are stories of environmental degradation or workers rights being crushed or misfeasance in office.

So while Boston is An important story, for my money the explosion in Texas and the blatant disregard for safety standards carries much more importance. Add into that mix the arrogant Governor who is proud, proud that his state disregards rules.

Coupled with this is the story of the collapsing building in Bangladesh where workers were forced to choose between losing their job and starving or going to work and possibly dying. These two, both of which illustrate the need for much stronger unions worldwide are to me much more important.

Something to chew on on Workers’ Memorial Day

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  1. M Regan says:

    Dave, Your article was going along well until you labeled the disappearance of a young woman as not being as important as other stories. My nephew is Johnny Gosch who was kidnapped in 1982, and any baby, child, young woman or man disappearing is just as important. The underlying reasons for abductions have spiraled down to expose the disgusting underbelly most normal citizens find unimaginable. As a result, many people choose not to look at the truth head on.


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