Are Corporations People? Is Money Speech? Panel Discussion At ISU

movetoamendorgAction Alert From Mary Beth Gardam,  Iowa

This Thursday, April 4th at 7pm in the ISU Memorial Union SUN ROOM, I will be sharing a panel slot with Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Jorgen Rasmussen and our colleague and collaborator Sonia Ashe of Iowa Public Interest Research Group (I-PIRG)


This panel presentation will focus on how corporations got to be considered ‘people’, how money got to be considered ‘speech’, and what the impacts are for all of us.

We’ll also be pointing out the undue influence of corporations in our society, our government and our elections.

Finally we’ll talk about what ORDINARY IOWANS like YOU can do to make a difference on this issue.

Come and be part of the dialogue (Q&A) that follows!

Marybeth Gardam
Iowa Move To Amend

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