How Many Giant Hog Lots Do Batavia And Eldon, Iowa Need?

save batavia and eldon

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Read this: “Is Your Community About To Be Corporate Factory-Farmed?  Find Out About ‘Rights-Based’ Organizing”

Read this: “Stopping a CAFO:  The Biggest Victory You Never Heard About”

Here are more action steps you can take today to protect our environment and your community at

1. Educate Yourself
Learn about the problem with Factory Farms and how it will affect you and your family. Review the information on this site,, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and the Iowa DNR.

2. Contact Elected Officials
Call, write, or e-mail your elected officials and let them know what you think.

State Government (link opens in a new window)
Visit this site:

3. Talk to Your Neighbors
Help educate them and let them know how important it is that their opinions are known by local and state representatives.

4. Report Suspicious Activity
Call Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement at 515-282-0484 immediately if you see what might be a CAFO being constructed, or if you see what might be an illegal manure dumping.

5. Report Strong Odors
Call 1-800-961-ODOR to report factory farm odor complaints to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Your complaint will be documented and inspected and will help build the case that factory farms are polluting our air.

7. Join Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.  This 30-year old organization is working hard to insure the quality of air and water in Iowa and is working to return local control of factory farms to the county level. [In other words, they are working hard to keep Iowa from becoming one gigantic hog lot. ]



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