Hey Reince: Matt Schultz Ain’t Listening

2026_curious-catReince Preibus wants to start a love affair with all those people who rejected him and his friends in 2012. That is to say that he and the Republican party want to make up with people like the African American community, Latinos, women, gays and all those other people who just said “NO” to the Republicans last election. So Reince has extended his hand. He wants to be your buddy.

But whoa! what is this. While Reince says please join us, Matt Schultz, Iowa’s Secretary of State in training, continues on his Republican approved campaign to make sure that Iowa voters have the right kind of last name. His new rules were supposed to go into effect on March 13th, but he has been so quiet about it that even the press never heard. Maybe out of respect for Reince, Mr. Shultz just decided not to say a thing. It can be a Surprise! next election. Rumor has it that his rules are aimed at those Latinos that Reince wants to cozy up to. Maybe Reince should cozy up to Secretary Schultz and let him know the Party is changing direction.

Steve King Only A 3 Seed
Boy, the competition is tough over  at Dailykos in their “Republican March to Madness” tourney. King is in the teabagger division facing Matt Kibbe in the first round. Remember Kibbe is the one who took down Dick Armey in real life. Going to be tough for King. Not sure if his hate of all things not white and male can carry the day with that bunch.

If you want to vote, you will need to sign on to Kos daily @ noon to catch that day’s matches.

Education Deform
There is a name that makes sense for the ALEC led, slow change over from public schools to charter schools run by private companies and paid for by the public. Imagine  attending Walmart Grade School or Pepsi High. As Republicans keep defunding our schools and then blame the resulting mess on the teachers we will be seeing more and more call for “charter” schools as the fix. And the first thing they will do is bust unions and the second will be to demand more money. It’s already happening, folks.

Quotes for the week:
“50 yrs ago today Dick Cheney had his 1st deferment to avoid a war in Vietnam. That he supported. Happy Anniversary…Dick.” John Fugelsang

“I did express my regret in saying that he was a numbnuts because I didn’t — I probably shouldn’t have used the word ‘numb’, ” Gohmert said. “That was probably unfair.” Louie Gohmert apologizing for calling John McCain ‘numbnuts.’


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