The Facts About Obamacare: How Can So Many Be So Wrong?

obamacare approvedMisconceptions still abound about Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act.  It is  not astonishing or mysterious how so many people come up with so many wrong ideas.   Fox News, conservative talk radio,  and the regular corporate media pretending to take them and the GOP seriously, combine to create mass confusion in all things these days.  But if you were reading Blog for Iowa between February 10, 2009 and June 29, 2011,  you do not have these misconceptions, thanks to BFIA’s own expert, Dr. Alta Price who published over 80 posts,  explaining the facts and nuances of Obamacare in her weekly Health Care Reform Updates. If you missed them, you can still access them by typing “health care reform updates” or “Alta Price” in the BFIA search box.

From ThinkProgress:

Thursday marks the three-year anniversary of Congress’ passage of the health care reform law. And although Obamacare has had a high profile throughout the past several years of political fights over health reform, that hasn’t ensured that Americans understand what the law actually does. Even after three years, many Americans are still confused about Obamacare’s specific provisions, and can’t correctly identify what is and isn’t in the health law.

According to a new Kaiser Health tracking poll, a plurality of Americans incorrectly believe the health law cuts Medicare benefits, establishes “death panels,” gives health benefits to undocumented immigrants, and contains a public option. The idea that Obamacare includes a public option is the biggest misconception about it, as 57 percent of respondents asserted that they believed the law has a public health insurance option — compared with just 28 percent who know it doesn’t:

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