Sunday Funday – President’s Day Edition

bpm-questions-you-should-ask-your-bpms-vendor1One of my favorite trivia subjects are the Presidents. As a group we know a lot about them and their little quirks. And often the larger  than life people that have become president have some larger than life foibles and facts about them. So here we go with yet one more set of questions on those folks that we never seem to lose interest in.

1) Beside the two well known February Presidential birthday boys, what two other presidents were born in February?

2) Beside Herbert Hoover, what two presidents spent a portion of their young lives in Iowa?

3) This President, discussing his child, said “I can either be president, or I can watch (child). I can’t do both.”

4) Many of the Presidents have been related to other Presidents or distinguished people. What Presdient is related to a former Vice-President?

5) This President hated music, all music. Which president was that?

6) This president and his wife both spoke Chinese and would often use it for private conversations when others were present. Any idea who it was?

7) He hated cats. In retirement he would shoot at any that came near his premises. Wow – who was this mean old man?

8) “Hail to the Chief” was written specifically for him. Any idea who or why it was?

9) Smart and ambidextrous, this President was said to be able to write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other at the same time! Any Idea who it was?

10) This President had electric lights put in the White House, but so feared electrocution that he made the staff turn the lights on. Who was willing to sacrifice the help to get some light?

So what two Presidents were born in Kentucky? Why the two that served simultaneously, Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis. But only one really counts. If you haven’t seen Lincoln, this viewer highly recommends it.

And now, some stately answers:

1) Ronald Reagan (Feb. 6th) William Henry Harrison (Feb. 9th)

2) Ronald Reagan (as a broadcaster for WHO radio) and Richard Nixon (as a naval lieutenant in WWII in Ottumwa)

3) Teddy Roosevelt. His daughter (Alice) was a handful and a half. As an adult she was a constant source of parties and quotes. Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s most famous quote was “if you can’t say something nice about someone, come sit by me.”

4) Barack Obama. Surely you remember that he and Dick Cheney are 8th cousins.

5) U.S. Grant – I know not why.

6) Herbert Hoover. He was an engineer in China as a young man and wife Lou Henry accompanied him.

7) Out in Gettysburg, General Eisenhower would take up arms against the enemy – cats!

8) James Madison, who was so short his entrance was often missed. So he was welcomed with music written for him.

9) James Garfield – former classics teacher and general. He had a broad range.

10) Benjamin Harrison.

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