Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit Filed In Federal Court Against Branstad

branstad turkeyKCCI reports:

The state’s workers’ compensation commissioner is suing Gov. Terry Branstad, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, and members of the governor’s staff in federal court alleging discriminating for political reasons and because he’s gay.

Christopher Godfrey’s lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Wednesday says Branstad and some of his staff violated his constitutional rights by cutting his salary and by trying to push him out of his job.

Branstad wants Godfrey to resign from the job which oversees cases involving injured workers. Godfrey refuses. Last year Branstad cut his salary, reduced the office budget, and eliminated an assistant.

Godfrey has a similar lawsuit on hold in Polk County District Court until the Iowa Supreme Court rules on whether state officials have immunity against defamation.

Here’s what Roxanne Conlin had to say about it on her FB page (public posting).

“We filed suit…yesterday in federal court seeking to vindicate Chris’ federal constitutional rights. He is, like all of us, entitled to due process of the laws and to the equal protection of the laws and cant be denied those rights because of partisan politics or because of sexual orientation. We can proceed in federal court while the case is stayed in State court while we appeal whether a Governor can defame whoever he wants to and then hide behind immunity rather than be responsible for what he does.”


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