Iowa Legislature Should Focus On Reality Not Ideology

iowa houseThe 2013 Iowa legislative session has begun.  There is a lot of talk about education reform and property tax issues.

I would like to talk about conservative ideals versus reality.

Previous sessions have invested a lot of time into anti-abortion and gay marriage issues.  Does anyone have a breakdown of how much legislative payroll has been spent on that?  Both of these are a waste of time, serving only to make conservatives “feel good” and not actually improving life for anyone.  Will an amendment to ban gay marriage cause domestic abuse to disappear? Are most of the children going through our DHS being parented by gays? Do gay married people never visit their parents or volunteer in their local communities?

The same goes for anti-abortion efforts.  Will banning abortions prevent child abuse? Will banning abortions cause all parents to make wise decisions in the future?

I can tell you that none of the abortions performed today, yesterday, last week or ever will affect my life or that of my community.  There were equal odds that the children aborted would have been a help or a hindrance to their communities.

I can however tell you that unaborted fetuses that become children and that grow up with inadequate parenting do affect my life and that of their communities.

Heartbeat or not, embryos and fetuses are not sentient, separate beings. They  are not “persons.”  They do not have rights to finish developing into a full term baby.  Women in the middle of their  lives do have a right to terminate a pregnancy and control their life’s path.

Conservatives’ pursuit of ideals while ignoring realities that can be affected by legislative means are frustrating to say the least.

Just as sad, are the two main arguments that they claim as justification:  Christian based arguments, for these ignore the entire body of Christ’s teachings, sermons, and actual examples.  Instead, conservatives claim Old Testament and  old covenant values as more important than Christ’s New Covenant gift of grace.

They also ignore the fact that basing morality laws on their version of religious values violates the spirit of our constitution.

We have so many urgent infrastructure and safety issues to work on this year. I hope that the legislature will keep its eyes on our reality and future, and let the ideals be a private prayer issue off the taxpayer’s dime.

Laura Twing lives in Cedar county, with her husband and various animal companions.

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2 Responses to Iowa Legislature Should Focus On Reality Not Ideology

  1. hank kelly says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you, Laura. I am sick of Bob Vander Plaats setting the agenda and his personal vendetta against gay marriage. That has already resulted in an all male – all white Supreme Court. Iowa has enough handicaps in trying to keep young, college educated people from leaving the state and attracting immigrants. Stop wasting precious time and resources on religiosity.


  2. dave bradley says:

    Agree Laura. But sometimes the displays of morality are used to divert attention from legislation that cuts social safety nets or cuts education or some other (what I would consider immoral) actions that aren’t as ‘sexy’ for the media to cover.
    Then we find out when the law takes effect that we are screwed. Few people heard last year that Tom Sands refused to move a bill allocating money to the Iowa food bank as focus was elsewhere.
    These folks are well practiced in what they do.


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