Iowa Lawmaker Says Momentum Needed For Common Sense Gun Laws

iowa capitolAs the new legislative session gears up, activism and issues abound.  One issue of prominence at least for citizens, if not legislators, is a push for common sense gun laws.  A friend who took the time to write, received the following correspondence from Senator Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City.

“I share your view on the need to do more to reduce gun violence.

I support universal background checks and a ban on automatic assault rifles and high capacity magazines. I am also working to increase funding for mental health services, especially for people in crisis.

I have requested a Senate resolution to encourage the President and Congress to approve some sensible changes in our gun laws. I will also introduce legislation to give Iowa county sheriffs more discretion over issuing gun permits. 

At this point there does not seem to be much momentum here in Iowa for big changes. We will see.”

In fact as recently as 2011 the pendulum was swinging the other way when the Iowa legislature rolled back the clock with the “Shall Carry” law that allows concealed weapons, does not require proficiency tests, and limited discretion of county sheriffs to deny permits even if multiple felonies had been committed by the applicant.

Sad.  But it is up to citizens to help create momentum for our legislators.

What Iowa communities are doing:

  • In Dubuque:  Click here to watch this video of Mary Sawyer, co-leader of Peacemakers Circle of the Sisters of St. Francis, as she talks about the campaign to end gun violence in Dubuque.
  • The following are Iowa mayors who are coalition members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Is your mayor a member?
    • William E. Gluba, Davenport
    • T.M. Franklin Cownie, Des Moines
    • Roy D. Buol, Dubuque
    • Matt Hayek, CityIowa
    • Robert E. Scott, Sioux City
    • Buck Clark, Waterloo

Let us know what your community is doing.


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