Sunday Funday – Out Of Business Edition

bpm-questions-you-should-ask-your-bpms-vendor1Every time I hear a Republican invoke the  business model as the way for government to set itself up, my mind immediately goes to businesses, huge businesses that couldn’t possibly fail that eventually failed. If I have learned one thing in my life it is that businesses fail. And one thing we can’t afford to have happen is to have the government fail and restart, fail and restart.

So let’s see if you can name these can’t fail businesses that did fail.

1) While this chain hasn’t died quite yet, it seems to be in its death throes. Recent years have seen them merge with a competitor, be put on a cash-only basis with their suppliers and most recently, close many of its stores, including one in Coralville. Can you name this chain?

2) When it came to toy trains, this was the name that everyone thought of. But bad decisions to diversify and expand into unfamiliar businesses slowly helped kill this company once thought untouchable.

3) While technically not totally out of business, this once huge chain which was the first in the five-and-dime business is now known as Foot Locker.

4) The late 1940s had four major television networks. How could anybody screw up running a televiion network when the public was so incredibly hungry for TV? Well, this company did.

5) In another part of the broadcasting spectrum, this company was a huge player (one of the big four) in the early days of radio, but failed to adapt to the changes in media. After many turns, this company took its final bow in 1999.

6) One of the very early and most successful of the video game companies, this company was out of business in 1984 before the real video boom hit. Can you remember this company?

7) The banking industry has had some quite notable flops. This may have been one of the more spectacular, closing in 1991 after a 20 year history of financing scoundrels and dictators and laundering money. Any idea what this international bank was named?

8) Once probably the name associated with bicycles, this company rode a downhill trek to an eventual end of its business in 2001. Heck most of us probably owned at least one bike from this company. What is it?

9) 2012 saw the end of this bakery company which featured the iconic Twinkie. Do you remember the name?

10) Locally, this grocery chain out of the Quad-Cities was a staple in eastern Iowa and Western Illinois in the ’60s and ’70s. New competition and some labor problems enventually ran this century old gracer out of business.

Oh – these are just a sampling. I am sure many of you can think of local stores run out by the new grocer that was run out by the WalMart. I want my government to be a little more stable.

Answers? For a Price! Okay, okay you get answers.

1) Sears

2) Lionel trains

3) F.W. Woolworth

4) DuMont

5) Mutual Broadcasting

6) Atari

7) BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce

8) Schwinn

9) Hostess

10) Eagle Foods.

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  1. RevRayGreen says:

    I’ve boycotted WAL-MARXIST for over 5 years, I feel better as a result…


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